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Spring is Here!

In Sweden, spring is here with the promise of a new beginning! The light is increasing by the day and our surroundings are turning green. We have been waiting patiently for this. Something else we are waiting for is for things to turn “normal”. So that we can take our business to the next level and let more pig producers reap the benefits from the unique system of automatic weighing of pigs, Pig Scale.

As the world closed down, we did not. Behind the scenes, our team has worked more ambitiously than ever. The positive outcome is that we have increased the efficiency of the system and added new features such as monitoring environmental parameters. We also finetuned the algorithms to weigh even more precise (+-2 kgs). Finally, we have designed a new front end to be launched this summer.

Speaking of beginnings – let us take you back to the beginning of our innovation. Here is Per Eke-Göransson:

Per Eke-Göransson

Year after year, pig producer Per Eke-Göransson weighed his pigs manually. Frustration peaked during a hot summer day in 2002 when Per finally had it and exclaimed “there has to be an easier way”! To make a long story short, Per, also an innovator and entrepreneur, developed a prototype for automatic weighing using a camera and image processing.

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