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Newsletter - December 2020

Amazon, now rolling

Amazon has now, once and for all, made its talked-about entry into Sweden, and the future will show what the overall effects will be. At Extend, we are well prepared and see that Amazon works well with our solutions, and provides good opportunities for many of our customers. As the world's largest logistics service, Amazon is a channel that attracts many retailers, and with integration with Amazon, the whole world is now opening up as a market.

"Things that Amazon finds important, we have handled for a long time. Our control of inventory and balance as well as solutions in logistics means that Amazon and Extend are a perfect match", says Mathias Bredin, Sales and Marketing Manager at Extend.

Today Amazon has two main tracks: Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) where you take care of storage, and supply yourself and Amazon becomes a pure marketplace. You simply put your products in their shop and pay to sell on their marketplace. The second track is called Fulfilled by Amazon and it is also what is often associated with Amazon. They then provide stock in a third-party solution and the products are physically moved to their warehouse. Amazon then keeps track of inventory and also handles sales.

From Extend's perspective, we have looked at both solutions. However, our focus is on Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) as it often becomes a natural first step.

"Together with an Amazon expert, we have analyzed how we at Extend can help our customers use Amazon in the best way. We have also identified the type of customers who should sell here and who also can succeed on Amazon."

One channel of many

Today, commerce often takes place in several markets and in several sales channels simultaneously and this is also where Amazon does best; as a channel alongside others and as part of a larger context.

If you want to know more about how Extend can create an integration with Amazon, please contact us. The analysis in its entirety can be found here.

DreamLogistics and Extend in collaboration

When it comes to e-commerce, delivery is crucial. This requires precision, technology, and cooperation — all at once, and on time. For everything to work, the systems behind it need to work together, and new ecosystems of services, solutions, and products are emerging. Now there is another possible combination: DreamLogistics and Extend.

It was when a customer who previously collaborates with the third-party warehouse DreamLogistics needed a system for order management that we at Extend were addressed. The systems were integrated, the functionality was ensured and now a standard connection to DreamLogistics' system is available.

Integration with DreamLogistics means that we more or less offer a “plug and play” solution if you are a customer of Extend. And it goes both ways; if you are a customer of DreamLogistics, you can just as easily add order management, purchasing, and other services from us. 

Analyze this!


Actigate is a Business Intelligence provider with a focus on automating, analyzing, and presenting data. Just like us, they work with Fortnox, and together we can offer advanced analysis work based on data from your business. Do you want to be able to follow up flows and returns? Find new opportunities and develop your business?

Extend has now started a strategic collaboration with Actigate, and together we can help you smartly analyze existing data.

Do you want to know more? Contact Mathias Bredin, Sales and Marketing Manager, Extend via e-mail: mathias.bredin@extend.se or telephone +46735 18 70 62.

New customers and collaborations

Welcome, QiCraft!

QiCraft sells exercise equipment under the brand Techogym to home environments, gyms, hotels, and companies – and needed new muscles for its supply and warehouse. In a new collaboration with Extend, the business system has been linked to a central warehouse (which is managed by the third-party warehouse Lagerservice), and we wish them a really strong development in the future.

 Welcome, JCK Products!

At JCK Produkter in Sävsjö, every detail – large and small, of plastic or metal – is equally important.

And to facilitate orders, purchasing, and warehousing systems, a collaboration with Extend has now been initiated.

Welcome, New Line!

New Line is a furniture wholesaler in Gothenburg with a focus on exporting and importing quality furniture in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Extend now provides a Fortnox integration, B2B webshop, direct delivery, and purchasing logic – all of which is in line with New Line's plans.


At the end of the year, the United Kingdom will leave the EU — they actually will now! — and it will affect four functions in your Extend feed:

VAT management

From 1 January 2021, sales to the UK will be interpreted as exports; delivery outside the EU. This means that all VAT, even to private individuals, will be removed.

Important to remember!

On orders that were created before the end of 2020 but are delivered after December 31, you need to remove the VAT for private customers manually. If you only sell to companies, no action is needed.

Intrastat — Swedish Foreign Trade with the EU

After Brexit, physical flows to, and from the U.K. will NOT be included in the intrastate reports between EU member states.

Quarterly reporting

The quarterly reporting is about reporting which invoices have been made to customers within the EU, where they have invoiced without VAT when there was a VAT number. Quarterly reporting will be adjusted, and the U.K. will not be included after December 31, 2020.

Accounting rules

Remember to check your posting rules. Sales within the EU and sales such as export may have been set up in different ways, so make sure that sales to the UK are posted in the way you want after the turn of the year.

If you have questions about how Brexit affects your flows in Extend, you are welcome to contact us.

Opening hours at Christmas time

During week 53 and week 1 (December 28 to January 8), our customer service and support are open weekdays from 9 am to 2 pm.

20 & 2020

It’s time to sum up not only 2020 but also twenty years of focus on delivering a world-class order, warehousing, and invoicing system. This year in particular has of course been special, with a global pandemic that has affected us all. We have deliberately accelerated our work to identify new values in our business for customers and partners. We have also trained and gathered colleagues and partners in the industry to make a united transformation of the whole idea of a cloud-based business system.

I'm incredibly proud of Extend's customer list. Every day we help companies that want to develop and expand their business. During this year, we welcomed several new customers – in different industries, of different sizes and with different conditions. What unites them is that we have helped them in their growth. As a supplier of a crucial functionality, we enhance the future possibilities of our customers and partners, who in turn streamline and make both services and service available in new smart ways.

With that said, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and a wish for a new time – hopefully with an end of Corona in sight.

Greetings, Gabriel



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