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Annie Frost Jewellery is a Swedish jewellery brand built on a passion for high quality statement jewellery made for everyday life as well as special occasions. 


It all started with an idea to redefine premium jewellery. The brand was created in 2019 with the aim to design high quality jewellery that will last while simultaneously creating and establishing new trends. Only high quality materials are used in the production. In addition to providing high quality and beautiful design, the founders set out to create a community where customers could be a part of something and be listened to. The concept of Annie Friends was born.


Annie Frost Jewellery are firm believers in giving back, and have therefore decided since day one that a part of the profit they make should always be donated to battle inequalities and strengthen women’s rights.

Ariel Astra, 1595 kr. Aurora Astra, 1595 kr. Ella White, 645 kr. Leslie Mini, 685 kr. Melissa Sparkle, 449 kr. Zoë Mini, 685 kr.

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