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This year’s collection is inspired by Ancient Greek goddesses and the ultramarine Aegean Sea. Permeated by a timeless elegance, the collection seeks towards the sea and nature. As always, the collection features uncompromising craftsmanship and exquisite materialsAlso characteristic of Dulong jewellery is the wide range of sizes available, so each woman can find jewellery that fits her just right.


Aura is the Greek word for breeze. The collection is inspired by the organic shapes and motions of nature: the breeze, the flapping of bird wings, leaves dancing in the wind. The hand-etched surface creates an almost three-dimensional effect.


The Piccolo collection includes some of the most popular Dulong pieces. Each piece is elegant, easy and comfortable to wear. Piccolo adds an understated glamour and exclusivity to every look.


The inspiration behind the Thera Collection is the breathtaking ultramarine sea surrounding the Greek island of Santorini, originally known as Thera. The collection is dramatic and full of symbolism, with the characteristic hand-filed matte finish that Dulong is known for.

Thera Twist ring with marine blue sapphire, Thera Twist ring with an emerald

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