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In the Hauger world, the sophisticated style and material choices are more important than the price itself. Just as the historic heroes of the past, with grand courage and ”golden” valor, they made the choice to put something more long-lasting and superior before their own lives and personal gain.


With timeless craftsmanship, Hauger design impeccable timepieces to produce an elegantly stylish look and use only exclusive materials in every detail to enrich the luxurious lifestyle. The brand offers six watch models in 20 variations for both men and women with a limited production volume of 100 pieces.

Grand Courage Automatic 40mm

Princess Grand Courage Automatic 30mm

Hauger was established in 2019 by the brand's designer and creative director Tobias Lindberg. The goal was to create a classic luxury watch brand by offering high quality in all details and limited production volumes per model. Tobias is a true series entrepreneur. He has created brands as Smartcaze, Cojak, Frank Dandy, Röshults and Saint Rochés.


– Our passion and inspiration comes from the beautiful Swiss nature. The outstanding mountain peaks and valleys that have remained unchanged for thousands of years through world crises and wars breathe history, timelessness and power. This beautiful nature that shifts in colors, from snow, mountains and vegetation during the seasons, gives admiration, time for reflection and great respect for the laws and forces of nature.

The watches are available for press loans at our showroom and at our imagebank.

Golden Varlor Chronograph 42mm

Princess Golden Valor 34mm


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