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Forever Yours

Dulong Fine Jewelry launches Wedding Collection
– an alliance ring collection created by gold, diamonds and love itself.



True Love

True love is what dreams are made of. The dream of a bright future, a commitment to one another and a lifetime of shared experiences and memories.

All designs by Dulong Fine Jewelry are meticulously designed at our atelier to capture the exquisite promise of the unique love between two people and handcrafted to last beyond a lifetime.

Diamond Alliance Rings


Celebrate your everlasting love story with a Curve diamond band. Stunning as a wedding or anniversary band, this 18 K gold style comes with a half circle of 12 or 16 hand-set brilliant cut diamonds.


Curve is elegant alone and glamorous when paired with a diamond solitaire. With its brilliant luster, this ring is a beautiful reminder of your timeless romance.

Wedding Collection launches on the first of April.


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