WiTEC Newsletter Nº 30 ~ January  2018 


The European Association for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

WiTEC EU Secretariat in Sweden

The WiTEC EU Secretariat has been moved from its location in Spain to Sweden. It is now run as a separate unit under WiTEC SWEDEN. 

Anne Avén and Mia Norling are responsible for the running of the Secretariat. The role of the Secretariat is to be the administrative hub for members and partner in WiTEC EU.

The focus under 2018 will be to further create awareness of women in STEM through promoting the WiTEC EU brand and is ongoing projects through social media.

If you want to come in contact with the WiTEC Secretariat please send an email to secretariat@witec.se

KoM in Sheffield


“EUMentorSTEM. Creation of a EUropean e-platform of MENTORing and coaching for promoting migrant women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)” is a Erasmus+ project which is carried out by a Consortium of five European partners - (University of Bologna, Italy: leading partner; EDEM, Greece; Inova Consultancy, United Kingdom; University of Obuda, Hungary; WITEC SWEDEN, Sweden).
All European partners of EUMentorSTEM are members of WiTEC EU.

The project (Scientific Coordinator: Rosa Grimaldi) aims at fostering the labour market inclusion (either as paid employees or as entrepreneurs) of migrant women with a STEM background through an inclusive, innovative integrated approach of mentoring and coaching, developing a set of training tools targeting both migrant women and the professionals working with them (educators, career advisors, welfare operators, trainers).


WiTEC Italy is based at the University of Bologna the oldest University in the western world,. In the 18th century, the University of Bologna appointed the physicist Laura Bassi as Professor of Anatomy, the first woman who achieved an academic role in Europe.

The activities of WiTEC Italy are coordinated by Elena Luppi and Alessandra Bonoli.


Elena Luppi is Assistant Professor in Educational Research, she is Rector’s Delegate for Gender Equality, she is scientific responsible for the Centre for Gender and Education Studies at the Department of Education Studies.

Alessandra Bonoli is Associate Professor in Engineering of Raw Materials. She deals with Environmental Engineering. She founded and coordinates the research group of Transition Engineering whose activities are aimed at building a sustainable future by environmentally, socially and economically point of view, through conservation and valorization of natural resources, raw materials, water and energy.

The WiTEC Italy team is involved at the moment in two European Projects - EUMentorSTEM (see above) and PLOTINA.

For more information please visit www.unibo.it/en/


WITEC was established in 1988 when the University of Sheffield, together with Italy, formed a European network in connection with the COMETT training program. Sweden was then represented by Halmstad University and had a representative on the WiTEC Board.

WiTEC SWEDEN got its current form as a non-profit association in 2011 and today has its headquarter in Båstad, Sweden.
WiTEC SWEDEN runs, and participates in, projects that support and demonstrate principally women's innovations and tomorrow's entrepreneurs. Inspiring young women to study and develop within STEM is one of the association's main tasks.
WiTEC SWEDEN organises annual events that inspire and bring together students, entrepreneurs, academia and organisations.

The WiTEC SWEDEN Chairman of the Board Mrs Ingrid Thuresson is a behavioral and social scientist. She has worked extensively as a project manager and mentoring consultant and was a Government’s ambassador for women entrepreneurship. 


www.witeceu.com  ~  secretariat@witec.se
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