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Household Waste

Many of you contacted us when the garbage bins were full. When the garbage truck was here, it was discovered that one of the waste bins was clogged, because someone had pressed down large pieces of cardboard. Therefore, we would like to remind you that you may only dispose of household waste in closed bags.

Packaging, newspapers, bulky waste, garden waste, electrical waste, and hazardous waste must be dropped off at a recycling center (the nearest is at Silverdals kapell). Several of the bags that were left next to the garbage bins contained metal cans and carton packaging. Please do not throw recyclable waste in the garbage bins, since they increase the risk of clogging.

Replacing the Garage Door Remote Battery

Several of you contacted us with questions about the remote control for the garage doors. If you cannot open the garage with the remote control, and the indicator is flashing red, the battery is depleted and has to be replaced.

Doormats and Brooms in the Entrances

The board has put extra doormats at the entrances along Johannesberg Plan, since those entrances are heavily used. Please do not move those mats. That applies also to the brushes that everyone can use to clean off the ice and snow at the entrances if necessary.

We would also remind you that you must not place children toys, bicycles, and strollers in the stairwell because of fire risk. We are looking into alternative storage locations for the houses that lack rooms for strollers.

2-Year Inspection

Thanks to all who have sent us lists with issues as well as requests that the board may raise at the 2-year inspection. Please continue to send us lists with issues and suggestions!


Upcoming board meetings: 10 February and 9 March 2016 at 19:00.

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