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Latest research news from BEAM

 University’s strategic marine research program.

How will current research strengthen ecosystem-based management of our sea?

After BEAM was prolonged through 2015 over 4 MSEK were used for projects in BEAM's sphere of interest. Recently the funded researchers were asked to summarize their work by answering three questions: 

  1. How would you describe your project in a few sentences?
  2. What are your most important results, and for whom are they particularly useful?
  3. How can it assist an ecosystem-based management of the marine environment?

The role of zooplankton in shallow bays
Johan Eklöf et al. 

At-sea behaviour of Baltic grey seals
Fabien Roquet et al. 

Microplastics and Baltic Herring
Martin Ogonowski et al. 

Eukaryotic diversity in Baltic sediments
Francisco Nascimento et al. 

Removal of fixed nitrogen in the Baltic Sea,
Stefano Bonaglia et al. 

Coastal ecosystem response to climate change
Ioanna Merkouriadi et al. 

Perfluorinated compounds in Baltic cod
Jonathan Benskin et al. 

Synthesis of brominated phenols,
Lillemor Asplund et al. 

Status of coastal waters
Jakob Walve et al. 

BEAM evaluated ...

In May 2014 a final progress report from BEAM was sent to the external evaluators and in December that year hearings were held with representatives from the program and the Stockholm University leadership, including the vice-chancellor. 

In May 2015 the recommendation from the evaluation proposed that BEAM’s funding should continue permanently as part of Stockholm University’s research funding.

The government’s budget for 2016 included continued funding to Stockholm University corresponding to BEAM’s annual grant, but final decision for the future has been deferred to next year’s Government Research Bill.

... and prolonged one year

When it became clear that Stockholm University would continue to get funds also during 2015 corresponding to those received for the BEAM program in 2010-2014, the Faculty decided to prolong the BEAM program for one year.

Over 20 projects funded
The BEAM steering group funded 24 projects, in particular for getting publications out, and for short-term projects, including planning for new research in BEAM’s sphere of interest. The grants ranged from 50 to 400 kSEK, and averaged about 200 kSEK, or in total 4,67 MSEK.  

Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management 

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