Invitation to MAX-lab shut down 13 December. Last day to register 13 November. Show in browser

MAX-lab shut down 13 December

Last day to register is 13 November

Dear colleagues, 

An era is coming to an end - on 13 December the accelerators at MAX-lab will produce light for the last time. After decades of hard work and creative science we will shut them down in preparation for starting up MAX IV midsummer 2016.

It is our pleasure to invite you as a cherished external colleague to this memorable event at MAX-lab in the afternoon and the following dinner at Grand Hotel in the evening. 

Thanks for all the energy and creativity you have put into MAX-lab over the years. It has made MAX-lab a good place for science and has allowed us to take the next step by moving up to MAX IV. Together in this and with MAX IV we have a bright future.

I look forward to seeing you on St. Lucia day and to celebrating the success of MAX-lab.


Med vänliga hälsningar,