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Information about sorting of food waste

Dear members,


Starting Sunday 8 November, we open our previous recycling room (next to the garage door on Margreteborgsvägen 24), but only for the disposal of food waste (biodegradable waste). The same day, we will close the three disposal bins for food waste (“matavfall”) in the main yard / in the street. The other three disposal bins for regular waste continue to apply.

As you could read in the recent issue of Silverpilen (Newsletter), Sollentuna Energi has on several occasions rejected our sorting of food waste. The opening of the recycling room is another attempt to sort food waste; and thus, to save 30 000 kr in waste disposal fee per year.

The recycling room will be opened on a trial basis, and nothing but food waste may be disposed in that room. Otherwise, we will close the room and return to a mixed waste disposal with a higher waste disposal fee.



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