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Glazing of balconies

Building permit has been granted. Lumon will contact those interested to take measurements and to provide a cost estimate. Glazing will be done after you have signed your offer (around week 49). The offer is only valid until the end of October and the discount is based on the final number of interested parties.

The Newsletter

In the future, the newsletter will be available on the association's website - Newsletter. There you can also subscribe to the newsletter via email. If you want to receive the newsletter in paper form, please contact

Parking Lots

The notice period on the parking areas is 3 months. Exceptions are made only for special reasons or if members of the association want to swap parking places among themselves. This must then be agreed with the the board and Österåker.

Garbage Disposal

Because we failed to achieve the required quality of the food waste, we were reverted to a regular waste subscription. This implies an increased const of about 30 000 kronor per year; money that the association could have spend on other things, such as lowering the monthly fee. The Board considers this unfortunate and is working on opening the recycling room for food waste sorting.


In some stores, there are objects on top of the pipes. Please do not put anything on top of the pipes, since they may be damaged and warranty may be affected.


Upcoming board meetings: 11 November and 9 December 2015 at 19:00.

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