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Happy Easter!

We wish you all a happy Easter!

We're closed from Friday and are back again at Tuesday 6th os April.

Vacation period

Time's rushing fast and we come closer and closer to our summer vacation period.

We're closed as follows:

13-14 May

25 June

12 July - 8 August

To ensure deliveries before the summer closing - please send order a s soon as possible!

Lead time: about 7-8 weeks

We've noticed a strong rise on the order side for the latest weeks. In the short term, this leads to increased lead times.

For the moment, the general lead time for new orders is about 7-8 production weeks, depending on the type of cylinders in question.

we're working hard to get the lead times shorter as soon as possible.

Until we hear from each other - stay healthy!

Ulf Krause and Ola Melin and all other personnel at Melin & Carlsson

Melin & Carlsson • Box 438 • 573 25 Tranås • www.mchydraulic.se

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