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March, 2021

Extend Commerce Expands — Despite Exceptional Times

2020 is now behind us (phew!), and we have welcomed 2021 with open arms. The pandemic has, of course put all of us to the test but over time, we have seen a strong development of e-commerce. Society in general has taken a great leap within digitalisation. We have probably only just seen the beginning of the long-term effects of reduced travel and new consumption patterns.

Despite the pandemic, many of our customers have had a positive development and we have followed in their footsteps. In the past few months, we have seen a growing interest and the number of new inquiries is above all expectations. Now we look forward with excitement to a new year – and a truly digital future.

New Salesperson in Denmark

We recently welcomed Henrik Larsen as a senior sales agent for Extend Commerce in Denmark, and our hope is to grow further there. Over time, we have noticed an increased interest in our services also internationally and see good opportunities in the future.

“We’ve had long-term, and successful collaborations with several key customers in Denmark. There is a strong trading tradition and understanding of trade there, and we see incredible potential here. Now it's time to develop this further and we are happy to have Henrik in our team”, says Mathias Bredin, sales and marketing manager at Extend Commerce.

Henrik has previously worked in DSV, among others, and has extensive experience from senior roles within the supply chain.

Pharmaceuticals and Technology Go Hand In Hand

Interest in Order Handling from pharmaceutical companies is increasing, and there are several factors behind this.

Our solution to the pharmaceutical industry is both reliable and operational, and over time we’ve had a clear focus on advanced systems for products that require handling of both batches and best-before dates.

”We also provide full traceability throughout the chain, from purchasing to customer invoicing, and we will guarantee that GDP and Part 11 are complied with. Of course, storage traceability are safe, and all reports to the authorities are carried out correctly”, says Gabriel Andersson, CEO of Extend Commerce.

Standard functions for the banking and finance industry, food and pharmaceuticals, where regulatory requirements are important, have been developed in close collaboration with customers.

“We invest long-term in product development with a focus on pharmaceuticals/medtech, which means that our customers can be confident that solutions are future-proof. We also provide safe handling of personal data and GDPR.”

New Integration Between Extend Commerce and Askås

Askås offers e-commerce solutions and help their customers to establish, develop and expand their e-commerce. Recently, an integration with XTND BACKEND was created: a collaboration providing new opportunities.

“Extend Commerce and Askås have many points of contact and we work with the same customer group, but with completely different things. Our collaboration also enables new possibilities to create solutions for future customers”, says Mathias Bredin, sales and marketing manager at Extend Commerce.

For Online Retailers With Advanced Needs
The integration is based on Extend Commerce's API, which means this can be used as a master for a large part of the data relating to the e-commerce solution. Updates are carried out directly in the customer's web shop. This means that returns, balances and order information can be handled in one place, which provides a smart overall solution.

“We have worked together on a project for our customer MaxGaming. We’ve really put the integration to the test, and it has worked very well – both technically and when it comes to the collaboration. We have created a solid solution for a forward-looking customer, and together we can help e-retailers with advanced needs”, says Peter Smersfeldt, Sales and Marketing Manager at Askås.

Complete Handling
Using the XTND BACKEND system in combination with Askås e-commerce creates complete management of order flows from the web shop – in both directions.

“The communication is fully automated, and the customer gets control of the entire process. All information is synchronized and provides a complete overview and management of flows but also returns and other deviations” concludes Mathias Bredin.

Welcome to Extend Commerce!

We see great interest from various industries and have recently welcomed several new customers: Najell which sells innovative baby products, Classic Collection which sells interior design products and the artisanal hardware store Qvesarum. The eyewear brand Oscar Magnuson and Portia, a classic store based in Malmö, specializing in accessories for men, are also new customers. The same applies to Nordic Pill and Egetis, both within in the pharmaceutical sector.


You are always welcome to contact us if you want to know more about our services – or if you want to talk further about how we can cooperate. You can reach us by e-mail contact@extend.se or telephone +46 36 13 93 02.

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