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26 November 2020

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It seems that there will be great gift for the world this Christmas, scientists promise a functioning and tested covid vaccine for the end of this year. 

There are great possibilities that the EU will approve 2 different producers before Christmas. Several experts estimate a strong positive reaction in the whole world, when all nations start to vaccinate.

Swedish news have stated that, the latest corona vaccine test results show an efficiency rate of minimum 95%, which seems to be good. The Swedish government has signed for 3 different producers of the vaccine, which will make it possible to provide for the whole country in 2021. 

We have a strong feeling that soon we’ll be able to move around without consequences and receive all friends safely on our beloved Mallorca.



Circo Algeria is back, until 10 of January on Mallorca for the Christmas season, this year they present a spectacle on water. The scene converts into a pool of 24.000 litres of water where the 40 artists of circo Algeria perform their abilities. Also they introduce a spectacular 3D holographic laser light show that makes it possible to share the scene with all kind of marine animals. The theatre has reduced its seating capacity, so make sure you buy tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. Sold any day at the door or online with discount. Poligono Son Fuster, Palma exit to Inca highway.


Autumn is the most important time to stabilise your immunity system. Doctors say that herbs have the effect for our organism to function better. Herbs contain important vitamins, minerals or ascorbic acid and have an antibacterial and anti infectious effect. One of the most effective is the purple sun hat (Echinacea purpurea), a beautiful flower coming from North America, used to prevent from virus and bacteria. Herb shops sell it as dried leaves, powder, capsules and drops. High on antioxidants is the dogs rose (Rosa canina), a wild growing rose, helping against infections in the lung area. The elder flowers contain many anti oxidation parts. Symptoms like headache or tiredness can be cured with a big spoon of the syrup every 6 to 8 hours. To be bought at health shops. Curcuma is antibacterial, ginger (gengibre) for cough, garlic (ajo) for the lungs and digestion system, thyme (tomillo) helps against cold, cough, breathing problems and linden tree flower (tila) reduces stress, relaxes, helps to fall asleep in the night. 2 products that contain a big amount of vitamin E (Mallorca residents have them directly outside the door) are olive oil and almonds.


At “Fronda” in Coll d’en Rabassa you find autumn flowers and plants for interior decoration, the terrace or garden. At the entrance an old-timer trailer welcomes you, decorated with pumpkins and dried plants in autumn colours. In the hall dominate warm colours with plants blossoming in autumn. For gardens close to the sea they sell plants not being sensitive to sea and salty air, like cactus and succulence but as well palm trees, resistant to parasites. In the hall with the outdoor plants your eyes get caught by spectacular cut cypress bushes or tall laurel grown in Italy, Bougainvillea in all colours and citrus trees. In the indoor section, you get decoration ideas with sofas, cupboards, shelves, plants, several sorts of orchids in different colours, room-, dry- and artificial flowers. In a small air-conditioned room are fresh cut flowers. More information:


A regular visit in one of the Spas can help to keep healthy through the winter, besides supporting the immune system with balanced food, good portion of moving and herbs.

This winter spa is offered in Palma in the Hotel “Isla Mallorca & Spa”, Tel.: 971-281200,

In the Hotel “Hospes Maricel & Spa”, Tel.: 971-707744,

In the Hotel “ GPRO Valparaiso Palace and Spa”, Tel.: 971-400300,

In the Hotel “Hammam Palma”, Tel.: 971-412860,

All hotels ask for reservation in time.


Our travel agency from Mallorca A & M Travel Point.
They have helped our clients over 20 years.
They always have a solution you don’t expect to be there.
Sometimes are there possibilities, which only the professionals have a knowledge about.

A&M Travel Point can help you with following things: 
Scheduled flights
Charter flights
Package tours
Ferrys and Rental cars
Talk to Anki Karlsson or Maria Hampus for more information. 
Tel: 0034 – 971 22 21 20
Open: Mon-Fri 10.00 – 17.30
Carrer Espartero 25 A
07014 Palma de Mallorca



This time of the year is a good time to shop fresh caught fish at the market. If you want to learn the fish from the Mediterranean Sea, pass by the Mercado Olivar, the biggest in Palma. Season now is for the “Raor”, the reddish razorfish, the “Verderol” or “ Serviola” the amber mackerel, called in other regions in Spain “pez limon”, referring to their lemon yellow color on the belly. It is a very good fat fish (pescado azul) with fine taste, few bones and perfect for “a la plancha”. From the long side cut into 2 parts, fry with olive oil only 3 - 4 minutes with high temperature, very easy to do. The “pampol” pilot fish is another fat fish, good priced and perfect for the “plancha”. Tasting full, similar to sardines.


Autum is time for pumpkin, vegetable onions (cebolla rubia), pepper, zucchini and tomatoes in all colors and forms. Especial from the island come the Mallorquan eggplants, spinach and root vegetables.

The freshest fruits are now kaki and grenadine, grapes and pears are ripe. The robust melon “piel de Sapo” can be stored until winter, a sweet dessert on the Christmas table.


Bio farmer Marcal Ribas with his company “Apaema” keeps on his Finca Binifela at Cala Ratjada his chicken in a natural and healthy way with free exit to the fields and best herbs. The farmer has 640 young free running chicken. In a conventional farm are 20.000 to 30.000 kept in a hall for a month until fattened to be ready for slaughter. Their life is too short for a life in freedom “Pollos camperos” which you can buy in the supermarket live 56 days. They have more time for walks in freedom but no access to special green food. The bio regulation demands a minimum of 81 days. Ribas gives them 95 days. Their meat is solid, dense und aromatic. Price approx. 8,70/kg. Apaema delivers every Wednesday all over the island. Order under Tel.: 618-470173 or Tel.: 699-795325 (both as well over WhatsApp).


Good, ready and perfectly produced: conservation of fish and seafood has a big and long tradition in Spain and Portugal, to avoid damage during the hot summer period. Today high valued basic products are used, special marinades with best oil, vinegar or salt. Jaime Cibrian has his own stand in the Pere Garau market with conserves, cod in salt, herrings, olives, hot sauces from Soller and wines. The most important is the taste. Mussels, anchovies, sardines can taste so different depending on the way of preparation and the ingredients. Try anchovies on toasted white bread with butter - delicious. The fish or seafood is caught, collected, cleaned. The fish cut in filets and the fish and mussels fried or steamed and filled in tins, covered with the marinade, like oil, a vinegar-herbs-mix or salt, heated up with steam over 100 degrees. Some tins are quite expensive according to best, selected products, perfect cleaned, fish without bones, mussels without rests of sand, all hand prepared (sobada a mano). Tuna fish (bonito) should be conserved in neutral oil, best in sunflower oil, not influencing the taste. Mussels (mejillones) are best stored in olive oil, 8-12 in a tin. The best Anchovies come from Santona in Cantabria. Heart mussels (berberechos) should have 25-30 in a tin, sardine approx. 3 to 5. All conserves (tin or glass) should be stored in the fridge. Before the food they should be opened in time to get room temperature. Once open, the missing kind of oil - neutral sunflower or olive oil should be added. 


FaBrick in Palmas Santa Catalina quarter is a funny decorated little restaurant run by the Italian chef Colli together with his friend Adriane. Start with an amuse-gueulle: 4 different hummus (peril, shallot, curry, tomato/oregano) with house made, crunchy thin Carasau bread from Sardinia.

Colli cooks creative and does not forget his roots, but he points out that they are not an Italian restaurant. They offer good homemade Mediterranean food with fresh ingredients from the market. There are always 3 creative dishes with home made pasta like the Tortelli from Lombardi, filled with stag meat on red wine sauce with parmesan and cacao, black Tagliatelli with pilot fish, cherry tomatoes and roe or Lasagna with mushrooms and Taleggio cheese. Fish (big head sea ash with salsify crème) and meat (pork cheeks from the Iberian pig on polenta with cheese) or duck Tataki with fermented shallots are offered and as a dessert the North Italian specialty “Tenerina”, a chocolate cake with 80% chocolate with Tonka beans. C/San Magi 84, Tel.: 610-890621, FB: FaBrick food & more.


Port Adriano restaurants "Blue Nest", "La Oca", "Sa Cantina", "Vino del Mar", "El Faro" and "La Terraza" offer in November special 3-course-menu at 16 - 18 Euro from Friday - Sunday.
A beverage (Glass of wine, beer or water) is included. Info: "Food Passion" at

Genova, the Restaurant "Ses Coves" offers Friday - Monday from 12.30-17.30 lunch à la carte and additional rice-stew dishes (arros brut, rice with mushrooms or with actopus) at the price of 10 Euro (min 2 persons).
The entrance fee to the cave on the terrace of the restaurant is included. C. del Barranc 45, Tel.: 971-402387, FB: Cuevas de Genova. 



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