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16 OCTOBER 2020

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Balaeres Symphony Orchestra will perform in Trui Theatre their 2020/2021 music. There will be 7 concerts, homage to Ludwig van Beethoven. The subscription is 190 Euro, to be bought - as well as single tickets - on


Caixaforum cooperates with Centre Pompidou. A show opens on 12 November, presented together with the Paris Centre Pompidou about the “urban live in photography and film” with pictures from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diana Arbus and Robert Doisneau. Until 7 March 2021. Followed by “Non Finito”, an exhibition about “unfinished works”, produced together with the National Sculpture Museum in Valladolid (8.04.-15.8.).


In the gallery Gerhardt Braun in Palma is the exhibition “High Gloss” by Heiner Meyer, covering 34 paintings and 2 sculptures. The painter and sculptor started his career as assistant of Salvador Dali in Portlligat (Cadaques Costa Brava) and is one of the most important pop-art-artists worldwide, looking back at more than 250 exhibitions, partly together with Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein. To be seen until 1 January 2021. Carrer de Sant Feliu 10.


On 31 October will be the 19th golf tournament. Cannon launch at 09.30, Single Stable ford, Halfway house and lunch, welcome present, winner award, start fee 95 Euro. Apply in Club de Golf Alcanada, Tel.: 971 549560,


“Helimallorca” by the Slovenian photographer Gabriela Girova and the Swiss pilot Philippe Perreaux offer helicopter flights over the island and train pilots. They opened their headquarter and art gallery in Alaro. Gabriela portrays the lively, beautiful and worth protecting nature of the island. Roughly you can put the photos in 3 groups. Some works show the visible geographic large whole, like an especially beautiful part of a beach. Others show detail photos of nature, like a completely round bush. And there are photos where landscapes melt to such abstract formations, that you have to guess what you see. They sell each motive in different sizes and finish on Plexiglas or printed on special paper or as light box, the most impressive variation. The gallery is in a 200-year-old traditional Mallorquan house used once for the production of soaps from olive oil. The shape of the rooms is now characterized by the contrast between old and new. The historical kitchen next to the winter garden is completely preserved. Several heirlooms like agricultural tools, wooden furniture and decoration objects were new arranged and got company by silver designer armchairs and golden crocodile figures. Carrer Sa Siquia 6. Visit after appointment:, Tel.: 687 308509,


48 years old Boris Nowalski swam on 14 September the approx. 40 km long distance between Menorca and Mallorca. A kayak and a rescue boat accompanied him. Every half an hour he got food and beverage. 11 hours and 5 min he needed, 2 hours earlier than planned. With this action he wants to collect donation money for the organization NGO “Save the Med” engaging against plastic garbage and old fishing nets in the ocean. Nowalski is Polish but lived all his life in Costa Rica. He founded the company Mallorca Open Swim offering swim tours through the Mediterranean Sea. The sea outside Mallorca is a paradise; there are so many beautiful swim trips. The donation action runs as crown funding over (“Cruce a nado de Menorca a Mallorca”). Already over 8000 Euro is collected, possible until 1 November.



The community of Porreres has 4 new routes “rutas hidraulicas” to explore the beautiful surrounding and historical wells - memories instead of refreshment. Walk from one well to another, along signs, telling the history. The oldest documented well is the Pou Nou from 1380, but probably the 1976 restored Pou des Riquers has been built before, during the Arabian time. Find in Internet the explanations in text, picture and sound in English under There, the farmer Joan Melia, a former policeman, a historian and further inhabitants explain which part once played the water supply for Porreres. Recommended is to pick up a map, available in the town house (Placa de la Vila, 17), the museum (Carrer d’Agusti Font, Prevere 23) and the bibliotheca (Carrer de la Santa Creu 31). The round tour should be done by bicycle or walking, the roads are partly too narrow for cars. At the start point is a big sign in 4 languages with the map, duration and number of kilometers and photos of the wells. Follow the wooden signs with the number of the decided route and enjoy the beautiful landscape.


The lighthouse in Porto Pi was mentioned for the first time in the year 1300. It is the 3rd oldest of the world, only surpassed by the Hercules Tower in La Coruna and the lighthouse of Genoa. The tower houses since 2004 a museum. Apply for a visit on Tel.: 650-438205 or


“111 Places on Mallorca that you shouldn't miss” is a newly published book in German, with English translation. It is not a classical guide with places everybody would expect, but places which are original: the bibliotheca Can Torro and Teatre Roma in Alcudia, the “Garden of Women” between Arta and Can Picafort, the Castell de n’Amer in Cala Millor, the defense tower of Canyamel, the artist finca Can Brut in Cas Concos, the metal donkey of the artist Mariano Navares in Estellencs, the finca Comassema in Orient, the CCA Museum in Andratx, the roof terrace of the cathedral. The book has 230 pages with 50 places and their latest photos. To be bought in the bookshop Akzent in Palma (C/ Del Carme 14). Now also available in English online at or on Amazon


The construction of cathedral La Seu in Palma started already shortly after the Christian capture of the island in 1229 and not - as thought before - in 1306. It ended in 1630 and not in 1601 when the main portal received the papal blessing. Published now by the doctoral thesis “Evolucion constructiva de la Catedral de Mallorca. Historia, tecnicas y materiales de fabrica 1570 - 1630”.



The company Carob in Marratxi processes the kernels of the fruits of the carob tree (ceratonia siliqua bot., algarrobo span., garrover cat.) to flour and sells it to international large corporations. The harvest is in September, October. E-410 is used in food as stabilization, a thickener for juice and ice cream. Already small quantity of this flour changes liquids into a kind of gel. It got this ability thanks to special carbon hydrates, effective as gelling agent und binder and as stabilization. Because of its natural substance this ingredient is allowed in unlimited quantity, mostly used for ice cream, marmalades, soft cheese, baby food, ham, juices, puddings and animal food. 8 to 15 seeds are in each light brown pulp of the pod. Each one has the same weight. In ancient times used as weight for diamonds: 1 kernel is one carat. Pulp and shell are used as gluten free naturally sweet bio ingredient instead of chocolate and cacao. The clients of Carob are food companies like Mondelez (Philadelphia product chain), Unilever, Nestle and DANONE. Their office and storage for the American companies are in Baltimore/USA.


Their names are Apple Jacks, Fruity Pebbles, Golden Oreos, Caticorn or Honey Llama Loops and to be found in the Cornflakes Bars in Palma. In the bar “Retroflakes 199X” (Carrer Velasquez 12, FB/IG: retroflakes 199X) clients can choose among 32 different sorts of cornflakes, mostly imported from USA, some from France. Best to try the partly quite sweet cornflakes in an s-bowl with just one sort for Euro 3.50. For 40 Cents milk can be added in different food coloring, from pink to dark blue. In the L variation for 4,50 Euro you mix 2 sorts of cornflakes including milk and a topping, like Kinder Bueno or Oreo cookies. People with allergic problems order gluten free and vegan cornflakes and soya milk. Special refreshing drinks from Pokémon, Harry Potter or the Simpsons are sold for 3 Euro. Old fashioned slot machines and movies from the 80th and 90th entertain you. Possibly you stop at one of the machines from PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64 or one of the expensive ones like Donkey-Kong or Pac-Man. Over 13.000 weekly changing games are offered from Tarzan and Pokémon to Super Mario.

The Bar/Cafeteria “Bocados” offers besides food as well 24 sorts of cornflakes (Carrer Palou de Reguer, 10)


News from the stars chefs: the restaurant “Corbarra y taula” of Santi Taura started now a delivery service: You choose and order. The Restaurant “Bens d’Avall” of Benet Vicens is now only open on weekends for lunch and dinner:


In the 5star hotel “Es Princep” in Palma they do special offers. Start the day with a big breakfast for 28 Euro (for 2), lunch menu for 16 Euro p.p., after work offer are 2 tapas and 2 beers for 14 Euro. All day a Gin Tonic and small bread for 13 Euro. Carrer Bala Roja 1, Tel.: 971 720000,


The bodega Biniagual close to Binissalem plans a lantern festival on 6 November and a Christmas market on 4 December. Info:, Tel.: 690 224007. 


The new and grand restaurant “The Merchants” in Palma has a unique ambience because it is situated in the luxury hotel Palacio Can Marques, in an elaborate restored building from the 18th century. Two entrances lead into the restaurant with a beautiful outdoor section with palm trees and plants. The chef focuses on high valued meat in different variations from Josper barbecue. Steak with Canadian lobster and home made French fries, slightly grilled lime, stewed garlic bulb and melted garlic butter. Seafood like lobster, croquets of prawn and shrimps, chicken wings with a fine marinade of chipotle, coriander and lemon, small calamari pieces in tempura coat with sweet sour tamarind sauce, edamame beans and mint, oysters and Russian Caviar with capers, blinis, shallots and peril. Try the dessert “s’mores” - far too sweet but incomparable good - a very American campfire dessert: the bottom are cookies, a lot of nougat crème and topped with melted marshmallows. Healthier is pineapple Carpaccio served with small pieces of chili pepper or the coco ginger sorbet with blue berries and mint. C/Apuntadores 15, Tel.: 871 520289,

Property of the Month

#51850 Penthouse in Porto Colom

Luxury, 81 m² newly built penthouse, two bedrooms and bathrooms with roof terrace in south facing position, overlooking the sea, the mountains and the town. Within walking distance to the Porto Colom marina and a small fisherman's harbour, sports activities, restaurants, shops, banks, the bakery. Close to local nature, the beach, the golf course and the local weekly market. Idyllic area perfect if you want to live in a small fisherman’s village. Situated in southeastern Mallorca, approximately 40 minutes east from Palma.

Price: 425,000 € + tax


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