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October Newsletter

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Being Peace & Joy

Warmly welcome to october and Aschimas newsletter with inspiration and sessions.

What is happening on earth now is affecting ascension and awakening, ofcourse, everyones journeys gets affected.

2020, from april, there has been more fear on earth than the past 40 years. 
For you who are dedicated to awakening, healing any past traumas, staying inside and opening your full soul ofcourse this affect the progress. 
In channeled messages that you can read from ascended master etc you often read " dont despair", "Have faith" etc . According to me this doesnt really help the beautiful starbeings and indigo crystal children that are here with the knowing that we are creating new age and light together. 
My answer is that it slows down the progress, because we need to change with this happening around us - Being more aware, and more dedicated.  The Starbeings are creating the new age, by holding their presence and transcending their chakras to light - You all go before the rest of the world/ therefore sometimes it also feels lonely. 

During this period if you are dedicated - You learn not to go into fear and lower vibration, from this experience, for the future.  If the world is in joy  -you will be affected in the opposite direction and the journey will go quicker!

During the period: Meditate more, be in nature more and do Reiki more.

Personally: I´ve learned Deeper Reiki, Higher Vibrational protection, and through animals I´ve learn a higher Love and deeper connection on Earth. 

I have also enhanced my aura during this period that will benefit my clients and higher souls on earth.

Warmly welcome to take a session to get a higher vibration to trust and get into awakening again and open your souls connection and unique souls gifts again.

Love Aschima

Have an ASCHIMA at you HOME receiving Reiki, Yoga or Awake Guidance


Aschima ger Hemma sessioner östermalm vasastan kungsholmen city. Ej söder.

Reiki healing 60 min   1200 sek
Privat yoga 60 min   1500 sek
Vaken vägledning 30 min 800 sek 60 min 1200 sek

Boka till feminiebuddha@gmail.com

Aschima : Offers October

Warmly Welcome for Awake Guidance - Reiki Healing or other Sessions with Aschima during October /

- Reiki attunement 10%

- Reiki healing and Chakra clearing 1400 sek (n.p 1700 sek)

- Book 2 sessions Receive 10%

- Partner Reiki ( Increase love and communication in a Relationship ) ( Distance Healing ) 1200 sek ( n.p 1400 sek ) 

All offers 1 time/client

Book your Sessions to FeminineBuddha@gmail.com

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