19 september 2020

Nytt från Sri Lanka
Fokus resor och möten


Coconuts - A Sustainable Raw Material

For a long time in the western world our only exposure to coconuts was eating them in macaroons or throwing one at a coconut shy. Today, coconut is becoming increasingly prominent and we’re seeing more and more coconut based products appear on our shelves.


Jackfruit: the "vegan" sensation that saved Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans began planting jackfruit trees to gain food self-sufficiency during British rule, and they’ve since helped islanders avoid starvation.



Senaste nytt
Utvalda nyheter för dig.


A world of colonial charm that blends perfectly with its sublime surroundings of rolling tea plantations and emerald green forests. A beautifully restored bungalow, dating back to the days of the British Empire, sits amidst the lush vegetation.


Sri Lanka is blessed with natural beauty and cultural diversity. The following narrative is from two visits made to Batticaloa. I was able to spend some time to discover her tropical charms. The journey from Colombo was quite long, as we set out at night and arrived early in the morning. After travelling about four hours there was a stretch of road, with jungles on either side.

SL’s response to COVID-19 swift, decisive & coordinated: WHO

The monthly selection of case studies titled ‘COVID-19: WHO’s Action in Countries | August 2020’ featured several countries including Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar and Russia. The report which was released on September 9 said Sri Lanka has ‘a Robust Health System Responding Effectively to COVID-19 Pandemic.’

German sustainability initiative in Sri Lanka facilitates market access to EU

The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Sri Lanka (AHK Sri Lanka) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in Sri Lanka co-organized a Kick-Off conference on their initiative ‘Sustainable Supply Chains as driver for global competitiveness’.

All-inclusive Sri Lanka Tourism App now ready
Aug 12, Colombo: Sri Lanka Tourism confirmed that the all-inclusive Sri Lanka Tourism app is now ready and awaiting authorization from the Immigration and Emigration Department to be linked with the online visa process.

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