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Mallorca's Charms


Beethoven would celebrate his 250th birthday and an exclusive Beethoven Festival is initiated to his honor. Piano concerts, symphonies and chamber concerts will take place in Pollensa on 20 and 27 September and 4 and 10 October. Initiated by the pianist Magi Garcias and the composer and conductor Bernat Quetglas. The string quartet Quiroga will play on 10 October. They were honored 2018 with the prestigious Premio National de Musica. The famous Polish cello player Suzanna Sosnowska and artists of the Baleares like the pianist Andreu Riera and of course Quetglas and Garcias will perform. The festival is very versatile and has a social component. The event on 20 September is together with the “Beethoven Pastoral Project” and combines classic with environment protection. Listening to the sound of Beethoven you may help to clean the beach of Cala Sant Vicenc. Tickets and info:


12.000-m2 big garden center “Jardin de Llucmajor” is one of the biggest in the island. The owners travel regularly to exhibitions in France, Italy and Germany and suppliers on the Spanish mainland and in Holland. 18 persons staff, recognized on their yellow T-shirts help you to find the right plants and answer all questions. The round trip through the garden center starts with a big number of flowerpots in all sizes, wooden scooters, which make you move the heavy pots. You find plants from the island and other countries, choosing the heyday right now during the island summer, like jasmine in many colors and smells, hibiscus, plumbago (called blue jasmine in Mallorca), bougainvillea, trumpet flowers or the roses of the British cultivator David Austin. Big choice of olive trees, fig tree, indigenous citrus fruit trees, tropical fruit trees like the cactus fruit Pitahaya, Mango and Papaya. Ornamental trees from tropical regions are preferred for the pool area: feathery Coco Palm (arecastrum romanzoffianum) or the mini banana (ensete ventricosum). Visitors find in the roofed rooms plants that love shade like Philodendron or Monstera Deliciosa. The variety of different sort of plants is as impressive as the indoor and artificial plants’ section. Staff ties bouquets from daily fresh delivered cut flowers. In another room you find tools, soil, fertilizer and a big deco department for garden and kitchen. Soon comes Christmas decoration. Coming from Palma on the motorway Ma-19, on the first roundabout of Llucmajor.


Depending on the sort of olives, their maturity level and local climate conditions and if it’s pure or a mix, olive oil tastes and smells different. Oli de Mallorca is guaranteed quality and oil with this certificate truly comes from Mallorca. Only the typical olives from Mallorca are used like Mallorquina (this oil tastes fruity, nutty, mild, golden color), Piscual (taste bit of pepper, fine bitter, piquant) and Arbequina (full bodied, soft and harmonic). The production is mechanic, without heat and chemical additives; the purity of the oil and its content on fat acids are controlled. You find this quality guarantee on each bottle with its own number. Like with wine testing, your taste nerves find the aroma of fruits, sweetness, spicy or bitter according to herbs, fruits, blossoms and grass. The company Fet a Soller sells a package of 6 different oils together with an application sheet to fill out and judge and a guide how to try:



Karakorum Adventure offers each day of the week different and beautiful outdoor activities for everybody’s taste. There are easy, difficult or medium difficult hikes, climbing, canoeing, coasteering, hot air balloon trips or kayak tours. Courses, several days’ mountain bikes tours and incentive trips - the choice on outdoor activities is enormous. From families with children to extreme athletes, they all find the right adventure. Initiator is the 39 years old Julio Alou Roig from Arta, educated professional mountain guide, hot air balloon pilot with certificate, horse back riding teacher. On top he is an organization talent and mainly a very nice guy. All age groups are welcome. Julio takes small groups, guarantees high security and a realistic judgment of the sporty level of the participants. Families with children love the coasteering - climbing on the cliffs with water rope sliding or the kayak tour, visiting a former smugglers cave at the sea in Font de Sa Cala. Or you join him for a one-week mountain bike tour around the island, a tour actually without asphalt. Clients are secured with liability insurance, required by law and accident insurance. Julio wants to show the beauty of the island with its different landscapes, bays, caves - and the Mallorquan food - picnics prepared by his mother. A truly remarkable and very sympathetic all-round talent., Tel.: 610 344702. 


Circaire 2020 in Alcudia is a circus festival on until 1 October. The Kompanie Eia presents the program “Espera” at 20.00. Tickets:


Visit the ostrich farm “Artestruz” near Campos and you will learn a lot about these “modern dinosaurs”. Ohad and his brother Johny grew up with these birds; their parents started the farm 1998, inspired by their stay in South Africa. Round tour 2 times a day is offered in different languages, including petting and feeding the big birds. The animals are used to visitors and very calm. During the tour you learn a lot about the ostriches. They can take big heat and cold down to minus 20 degrees. Ostriches can see better than eagles and hear outstanding good, but sense of taste, smell and touch are less developed. They only sleep in total 20 minutes per day, rest the long neck 3 minutes and close their eyes for 20 seconds. In the shop you find artful decorated ostrich eggs, shoes made in Mallorca from ostrich leather, bags, accessories, eggs as lamps, giving a warm light. Even buy (imported) meat and of course fresh eggs. With one egg prepare yourself a family big tortilla in the outer kitchen. Or enjoy the ambience and a drink or a snack and watch the dance of the long necks, the beautiful feathers and the dinosaur similar big feet. A lasting sustained adventure., Tel.: 639-721735. Tours with appointment Wed - Sun.


The Mallorcan actor Jose Torresma played in the American movie “The F**k-It List” shown since beginning of July on Netflix. The movie was shot partly in Mallorca, in August 2018 during a week in Porto Colom. In this movie, Jose is the only male actor from Mallorca, together with 2 models and an actress from the island. The romantic comedy is directed to youngsters, with the actors Eli Brown and Madison Iseman in the main role.



The Mercatdel’Olivar will have a huge wall painting. The artist Joan Aguilo works in the moment on a wall painting, homage to farmers and market people, showing on nearly 100 m2 daily scenes from the rural Mallorca, as sculptural art and partly on glass. Part of the painting can already be admired.


Bio vegetables from La Huerta de Pili in Manacor are sold like in former days - with the original intensive taste. The farmer offers an exiting selection of tomato sorts, diverse in taste, color, skin, size and shape. The climate of Mallorca is ideal to beware old sorts from disappearing. Alfonso Rueda, the cultivator is a non-conformist, never satisfied. He plants different sorts, does not fix the plants on wooden supports but leaves them on the ground, does not use chemicals approved for bio plants and does not add fertilizers. Over 20 sorts grow on the fields. The “Husk Zebra” is a green tomato with striped skin, quite juicy, tasting fresh, fruity and sweet. The “Kaki tomato” is an orange colored juicy salad tomato without own aromatic character. The “Yellow bell” has a longish form of a bell, tasting fresh and spicy. The “pepper tomatoes” are thick at the bottom and pointed at the top, offer a lot of strong pulp and little juice. They are ideal to cook concentrates for sauces and pizza. For the coming season they plan 40 different sorts. Sold on the weekly markets. Thursday: Inca. Friday: Binissalem, Tuesday and Saturday: Palma (Placa Bisbe Berenguer Palou), Sunday: Santa Maria.


The charm of the CafeLirico in the Avda Antoni Maura (the prolonging of Borne, opposite the gardens of the cathedral) comes back. Since 1874, a Mallorcan family, serving island typical food, ran this cafe. In 2017 they had to leave because of extreme high rent. An Austrian company moved in 2018 and changed the emblematic Cafe in a franchise branch of a hippy juice company. The investors changed the inside of the bar totally but had to give up 2 years later. The Mallorcans did not like the new idea. Now two locals who want to come back to the original food run it again. With the new name “Maura”, the charm of the Lirico should move in again. Instead of flashy decoration the old fashioned grace comes back. Neighbours helped to find the right interior decoration.


Restaurant “Clandesti taller gastronomic” in Palma is run by Pau Navarro and his wife Adriadna Salvador. They cook avant-garde great menus (10-12 courses for 60 Euro), got a lot of positive critics and have enthusiastic regular guests. Guests love the dish with fried frog in a sauce of butter, absinth, mustard seed, peril, garlic, Korean soya sauce and rice vinegar or Navarro’s tapa plate variation. After the re-opening they started chicken from the rotisserie, as take away lunch. The base is bio chicken from a farmer close to Inca. Depending on the guests’ wish, they roast as well quail, duck, goose, pheasant and pigeon - exclusively from France - because they deliver the best quality. Navarro is a perfectionist and learned old techniques in France. He created special marinades and extraordinary spice mixtures, giving a special taste to the meat. C/Guillem Massot, 45, Tel.: 663 909053,


Restaurant “Tess de Mar” in the 5-star Hotel Sa Creu Nova in Campos has the star chef Koldo Royo as an adviser in the kitchen. Koldo is an excellent chef, intelligent, creative, communicative and extreme experienced. The ingredients of the dishes come mainly from Campos, bread, bio vegetables, fruits, bio eggs and cheese. Fish comes from the sea next door. Try quail, filled with foie and rose leaves, cooked very authentic, protecting the aroma of the bird, supported by extras and sauces. Or a colorful grilled lobster with tomato and vegetable chips or cod with orange sauce or the fish of the day roasted in the oven. Or lamb leg with potato mash and chicory, filled with pumpkin. Or ox filet with potato gratin and tartar sauce. Don’t miss the almond dessert - cold almond soup, almond ice cream and cake from the traditional bakery Can Pomar in Campos and crunchy almond chips. Mallorca pure! C/Nou 10, Tel.: 871 515345, 

Property of the Month

Looking for something unique

In a quiet location outside Palma, Bonanova, we offer up to three fantastic living complex properties, currently under new construction.

All three have their own separate gardens and pools. They meet the highest quality standards with the latest modern style and technique. Big windows for plenty natural light and lovely views.

We offer ground floor with private garden, first floor and second floor duplexes with big roof terrace, pool and fantastic panorama sea view. 

A perfect location for all those who want to live close to the city, but a little further away from the busy center.

The ground floor apartments have a spacious bright living and dining area with huge windows and a modern open kitchen.

Additional features include:

Floor-to-ceiling-windows, underfloor heating, air conditioning, natural stone floors. 

Living areas from 105m2 to 213m2
Terraces/gardens 19m2 to 90m2
Bedrooms 2 to 5
From 6 Apartments in a building
Garages possible
Gym possible
Community pools and private pools possible

A parking space and storage room in the underground car park are also available.

Completion is planned for beginning 2021.

Prices range from € 700.000 to € 2.500.000 

For more information and pictures please don't hesitate to contact at  or 00 34 649 35 91 87

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