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The Art of integrating TRUTH- Receiving what gives you expansion

To GROW and to expand, is to receive into you, what makes you empowered, not without looking at that which doesn´t feel good for you in your life - But to move with that which makes you become elevated. It attracts more of that, it is very simple but not always easy to follow.

Inspiration for JUNE:

Have a Spiritual/Emotional white "waste bascet" where you toss what doesn´t serve you and a "Golden BOX" where you collect what you receive and what you have, that you`d like to keep and receive more of. For example - If you are angry at something going into the anger projecting anger towards someone - this doesn´t serve you - Toss it in the white waste bascet and change direction towards something you´d like -

And, Do small pauses where you meditate Through stillness/Yoga/Running in nature/Or take the attunement of the Tantra reiki symbol or another reiki symbol or reiki healing to receive enhanced energies in your aura and chakras to move in a new direction.


Note about Anger : the anger that projects outwards towards someone else makes you leave your power and become a victim of someone else. Also you hurt someones aura if you project and that givs you karma towards that person... ( whatever that person done you also become violent..)  YOU become more powerful on earth when you have power over your own emotional wheel and experience.//


NEW in JUNE: Order a session with Aschima out in Nature after 19/6 in Sthlm. You can Combine 30 min Feminine Yoga and Healing space/ Witha A Walk in nature calling in her Heron Friend ( Happy ) & with Awake Guidance ( Reiki can be given on a Distance in nature )

HAVE a GREAT empowered month of JUNE






REIKI - Now you can Receive Tantric sensitive Life and Kundalini flow with Aschimas New healing Symbol -

The intention with this New amazing Reiki Symbol ( sacred key to open energy ) is to create a deeper connection in the body again. To create that sensitive sensual life flowing energies, that make you love being in the body. Enjoying and liking yourself in your body. And to open up to feel a deeper connection with nature,  yoga,  a partner or a part of your life that you long to receive a stronger intimacy with. You can ask for the attunement to give you more Kundalini to awaken! A woman never having experienced an orgasm together with a man, might receive that with the symbol. The symbol will also help the body recover after an injury

( book a healing session with the Tantric Reiki  by Aschima )

As a Healer you can work with this symbol after the attunement, giving Tantric Reiki sessions too!! Work material created/ Read below/ Blessings Aschima

Testiomonial after attunement - Tantric Reiki Symbol:

"After receiving the attunement of the tantra symbol, I feel so much presence ( & enjoyment/sensual) in my body, like I connect with lower chakras and the earth and in a sensual way. I  feel the second chakra´s sensual water energies, like water through all my body. I can really feel the chakras, and my body in a different way, more present in my body and more sensitive, more sensual connection with life. I can feel more connected to the water and nature. When I have sex I not only sense in my lower chakras, but also started to feel the energy goes up to my heart and that my heart opens up, not just only through sex, but through touch. I have experienced sex in a different way.
Thank you for this symbol"

Rima 2020/ June


Tantric REIKI

The Tantric Reiki symbol drawn down by Aschima will give you life energies from the base chakra that is Tantric, which means that it is sexual/sensual energies that will affect your inner body and how you receive others, also the connection with your body becoming sensual. Your physical eyes will change after the initiation as it gives you deepening in the heart.

You can have your own intention: Liking your body/ open sexual energies/ connection and self love/ Kundalini awakening/ Have deeper intimacy with a partner/open creativity through the tantra.

You can have the Attunement again with a deeper intention!

The Tantric Reiki work material is ready to be ordered:  Practics on : Open and give yourself Tantric Reiki -  Open Tantric energies with a Partner - Give yourself or others Tantric Healing in person or on Distance. Also the material includes: About tantra origin and channeling by Ashima:

Are you a Healer / Giving sessions yourself:  - Do you want to give Tantric Reiki - Warmly welcome to take the attunement and buy the Tantric Reiki work material and work with the material on your clients ( no course needed ) - IT IS AMAZING


Investment: : Attunement with Tantric Reiki: 2500 sek ( includes 20 min skype )

Investment: CourseMaterial to Give Tantric Reiki and Open the Tantric Energies in yourself : About Tantra - Truth. 1800 sek


 Offers through JUNE


Distance Reiki healing 30 min Combined with 30 min Awake Guidance: 1200 Sek  ( this session is not on homepage )

Distance Reiki for Couples: 1200 Sek ( n.p 1400 )

Book 2 sessions receive 10% discount

- when full payment received before the session**

**The offer is on ordinary prices and cannot be with other june offers

** You can combine ordering a Reiki healing and The Tantric work document and receive 10%

1 time /Client


Warmly Welcome to Book to







THIS MONTH'S RECIPE for a more JUICY experience

Love yourself  - Breathe deep - Believe in change - release emotions to trees - Hug a tree - Love your Body -Try tantric reiki - Give Thanks - Smell the Flowers - Walk away from turmoil

- Put Aschima in as a source to receive a session from when you are ready and ripe to move in a new direction.

ROSES on your Heart




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