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May 30

Travelling to Mallorca, what can we expect?


Economic improvement since easing of restrictions 

The Balearic Islands are now in the middle of phase two of the three phases.

Mallorca is under control, thanks to being one of the first to act strong to close the airport and harbour rapidly. The advantages of being an island and its strong action can be appreciated today!

Now we can go to the beach and make boat excursions.

Shopping centres, mayor chains and the interiors of bars and restaurants start to open.

The prime minister has announced that he might lift "the state of emergency" on several areas in Spain, before the first of July, for areas with the best Covid-19 figures, to which Mallorca belongs. So we can expect a very positive result. As a result from this, tourists could start to arrive without restrictions to Mallorca before the first of July.

The Tourist Minister announced that the 14-day quarantine for international visitors is likely to be abolished by 1st July, at the end of “the state of emergency”. Most probably it will be before, as it has been discussed that quarantine should only be mandatory for passengers who have fever or symptoms.


Foreign tourists can book  vacations to Spain from July 1st. The Balearics will be one of the first regions of Spain to reactivate tourism. This has encouraged many French and German tourists to book summer holidays in Mallorca. Cóndor has announced connections with Mallorca from 25th of June, from Germany, also Lufthansa and Eurowings, already recover connexions on 15th June. Low cost Ryanair, will start in July. SAS is also selling tickets from end of June.

Did you know that Mallorca has


  • 52 municipalities
  • 110 villages and towns
  • 260 lovely beaches in different directions and locations
  • 23 Golf courses
  • 20 marinas around the coast
  • 80 or more wineries, many receive visitors for wine tasting and sell wines directly from the producer.


300 days of sunshine every year and thanks to Mallorca’s situation, the winters are mild and summers not too hot.


353,000,000 people reaching Mallorca within 2 hours, at very competitive prices. This makes Mallorca a safe place to invest. Mallorca’s functioning infrastructure and its international airport provides daily connections to most European capitals.


Hospitals and clinics to international health standards and many provide translation services for foreigners. Various overseas doctors have established private practices aimed at foreigners. 


A well-developed network of electric trains connecting the Island, Palma to Soller, Palma to Inca and on to Manacor, or Sa Pobla. Also an elaborated bus system that reaches almost every magic corner of Mallorca.


Enjoy yourself and recharge with watersports, for safe Stand Up paddling, canoeing and windsurfing we recommend the calm water in the harbour of Porto Colom. Mallorca's largest, 4 km round natural harbour. 

Also, Porto Colom has 3 diving schools. 

Browse our Porto Colom pictures on Flickr page. Click HERE


The Tramuntana mountains are a real paradise for walkers and hikers, almost untouched they guarantee a memorable experience of unspoiled, fascinating nature. The whole island has a massive amount of opportunities to hike.

Browse our hiking pictures on Flickr page. Click HERE

There is a good system to find Hiking trails in Mallorca. Use the search engine with English questions to get a broad amount of information, for example “Hikes in Soller”


The 18 islands of Cabrera south southeast of Mallorca are a paradise for hiking, swimming, birdwatching and are home to some species extinct in other parts of Europe. Webiste Information

Browse our Cabrera pictures on Flickr page. Click HERE


 Emilio is back again


In the heart of Palma, right by the hotel HM Jaime III, C/ Concepción, you’ll find our old friend Emilio Castrejon at EmilioInnobar.

He started his first business in a small place not far from Hotel Portixol, next to Molinar Marina. We have now followed him for 15 years and he still surprises us with dishes that will give you memories for a lifetime. The cuisine is a subtle blend of Mexican, Asian and Mediterranean flavours, which Emilio Castrejón has named Fine Fusion. Among his delights we love his mixed sashimi of salmon, tuna, st peter’s fish and dorada. Of course his famous ceviche de langostinos will take you to higher grounds. Continue with sharing a solomillo picante, chicken with fresh mango and mango sorbet, some pescado de Emilio and you will be in heaven. If Emilio is in a good mood, as always, then ask for a Salzburger nockerl as dessert. Come for a lunch or a dinner. 

Emilio announced a re-opening on May 26th, this is what he tells us:

“You have no idea how I missed you guys. We are working closely according to the current safety regulations and can only welcome a limited number of guests at a time. So avoid long waiting times, please reserve your table beforehand. I’m looking forward to see you all again. See you soon, Emilio”  

Book a Table at

If there is anything specific you like to do on Mallorca, fell free to email us anytime with questions to

Spring greetings,

Folke (Ockie) Särnmark and team 

0034 649359187 


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