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Annual meeting 19 May 18.00 in the courtyard!

Welcome to the association's annual meeting, documents you will find according to the statutes in the entrance on the notice board and on the website when the documents have come digitally. Because of the pandemic, the meeting is out in the courtyard and we keep distance.

NOTE! Playful children's courtyard !

 The basic rule is that there is a general ban on driving motor vehicles in the area, but we have some exceptions. It is permissible to drive into the area for loading and unloading at very heavy transports at low
speeds (maximum 10 km / h ). 
Special exceptions apply to disabled
and sick transports.


Show consideration for your neighbors 
Remember that the washer and dryer
interferes with your neighbors in the
late evening and early morning,
please do not drive after 22.00 and
before 08.00. Our well-being rules 
can be found in stairwells and at:

Thank You fore sorting, it affects our association one 's finances!

In residual waste, the "regular" garbage bag, you should basically just put leftovers that are left over after you have sorted out everything else. The more you sort from your residual waste, the cheaper the waste rate the association gets , read more about how you sort : In the vessels for food waste you should only put food waste in special brown paper bags, see instructions for bags at the vessels. As a thank you for sorting out your food waste, the association gets a lower cost for our waste collection, while also doing a great service for our planet. Source:


Best  Regards
Border of Brf Silverdalskulle

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