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Still short lead times

We can still produce cylinders in rather short lead times, and we hope that as many people as possible can stay healthy, so that we can continue to maintain a stable level in our production.

Updated Corona information

We still not see any shortcomings in material supply in the near future.

On the other hand, we can see that it's an advantage if you can place orders well in advance so that we can secure material in the longer term. However, because of the prevailing situation, the transport times from our suppliers may be affected.

We receive ongoing information from our suppliers and transporters. Our intention is to inform you in turn if we see any disruption that concerns our production process.


Actual lead time: 4 weeks

The current lead time, for new orders, is about 4 weeks, depending on the type of cylinders, of course.

Some customers have longer lead times on those types of cylinders where included parts have to be supplied from subcontractors.

If you already have current orders that you wish earlier, there may be a chance to improve the delivery date - just give us a call!

Take care!

Ulf Krause and Ola Melin with staff

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