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Vibrate - Beautiful LIGHT being

Stay in your own energy - Learn to know your triggers

When you go through awakening and elevating your chakras to vibrate higher - learning to know your uniqueness your Souls abilities, in healing, opening the awakened senses, in artwork etc what brings most to you then,  is to stay in emotional balance.

Now in November, we have tuned in to Mercury Retro again, that can bring up turmoil in emotions - Energies in Motion .... That are Either positive or negative.

My inspiration: Learn to Know your triggers so that you do not "fall down " into the lower energies, that deprives you of your light experience

From this month Aschima offers Reiki with Chakra Healing and Awakened guidance to help you to learn about your sensitive sides or what triggers you to loose your temper or your emotional wellbeing. Awake guidance together with reiki - With the intention that you focus and can handle your sensitivity, in order to move forward in a light and positive direction. We all know how emotions can get us to stop being creative - or loose faith.

For some the triggers are other peopls negativity,  or Jealousy or an Upbringing that made you doubt yourself, and doubt yourself again, so the tiniest indication from someone now, that you are not "good enough" makes you loose faith and cry inside

Warmly welcome to book the session / see below

LOVE and Emotional Flow



NEW - Release Triggers and move in the Flow Guidance - Chakra & Reiki Healing

SESSION - Awake Guidance to know your triggers/ the sensitive areas that gets you into lower vibration - Work with Aschima to become conscious/Aware - Then Recieve - Chakra clearing and Reiki Healing with an intention to move in another direction instead of being triggered. Having Faith and Create beauty from your Soul

Cost: 1800 sek

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November Offer

The Offers for November by is;

- Book 2 sessions receive 10% discount
- Book Reiki Attunement receive 5% discount
- Course material 5%discount

Love from Aschima

Conditions: All offers 1 time/client/Payment in advance or at sessiontime

Work with the New Oneness Flower Reiki Symbol

New 9 pages work material for the Oneness Flower Reiki symbol


How to work with clients

Give Reiki on bench and Distantly

Drawing down Goddess power

Standing in your Aura

Third Eye opening

Artistic Work - Enhance the flow

Work with Ganesha

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Investment: 2400 sek  ( last week offering this price )



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