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Hi all creative souls!

Ever wanted to take an on-line art class? This is a great opportunity to try it!


3 Days to go before we begin the amazing

 FREE Life Book Summit !

Join us if you want to learn more about

the connection between creativity & wellbeing!


30 Inspiring Interviews
30 Art & Wellbeing Sessions
30 Free Gifts!

All for FREE for 2 Weeks!

This summit is truly packed with SO much goodness!! :D



I am so honoured being one of the teachers for next year's Life Book 2020. Life Book is a yearlong creative adventure and we are kicking it off with this amazing FREE summit.  


My friend Tam has interviewed 30 inspiring artists and wellbeing experts from around the world and I am one of them! We will all be teaching on Life Book 2020 and we have now lined up 30 FREE art and creativity activities/ sessions which will all be AVAILABLE FOR FREE during the summit.

Is that awesome or is this awesome!?

Of course we want you to play with us for the whole year but make sure you join us at least for the free summit.

And please tell all your creative friends about this amazing opportunity!!


So if you want to

- Learn how to create more wellbeing in your life.
- Create, express, develop and grow.
- Play with paints, get messy with collage, enjoy mark making and drawing.
- Receive hints and tips on how to use your creativity to become a happier person.
- Learn how to use creativity to become more grounded, present and kind to yourself.

Then come join us on the Life Book Creativity & Wellbeing Summit!

...more on-line classes...

With my art, my workshops and my on-line classes, I am exploring creativity, spirituality and life in general and I am passionate about sharing my journey with you. And I hope you will join me.

Thank you for all your support and that you keep following me and my journey. It means the world to me!!

If you want to follow me on a more daily basis you can follow me on Instagram @flowbyjenny or Facebook jennygrantart

  That is all for now!

Stay positive, be brave and spread love around you :)

Love Jenny



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