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Novakemi News - November 2019

Welcome to Novakemi's November Newsletter. It's Autumn and soon the trees have lost all their leaves. 

What's new? What's up? We want to give you an update on News from our suppliers.

We are an approved supplier by most Universities and authorities in Sweden but we also supply our products to the other Nordic countries - Universities, authorities as well as Research labs in the Industry.

Qsonica Sonicators for Multiple purposes


Q700 - 200µl up to 1000mL, Cup Horn and FlowCell

Q500 - 200µl up to 1000mL and Cup Horn

Q125 - 200µl up to 50mL and Cup Horn

Q800R3 - DNA shearing, process 18 samples at the same time NEW!

Q2000 - process large volumes individually or flow through applications (e.g. Nanoparticle Dispersion) NEW!

What do you want to do? Ask Novakemi for a quote and protocols.

Looking for Proteins or Animal Free Proteins?

Secondary Antibodies from Jackson IR

Find the NEW  and classic secondary antibodies here:
Jackson ImmunoResearch

Let us help you find the antibody you need. Order your Jackson products through Novakemi.

Human Adipocytes, PBMCs and Exosomes, Mouse 3T3-L1 and more...

ZenBio focus on products for pre-clinical screening, drug discovery research, tissue procurement as well as consulting and custom development. Over the past 2 years they have added multiple human and non-human cell based products and related reagents. We can now offer a vast selection of human blood products and at volumes most others cannot match. Through ZenBio we can source both normal and disease state material.

Antibodies from BMA Biomedicals in Switzerland

BMA Biomedicals focus on products within the fields of:

  • inflammation
  • infectious diseases
  • hemostasis
  • tumor related diseases
  • veterinary reagents, in particular antibodies against porcine tissue

Let Novakemi help you find what you are looking for.

Gold nano particle products

Naked Gold® sols - “conjugation-ready”

Naked Gold® sols are highly concentrated and available at 15 O.D./mL. They are “conjugation-ready” so that antibodies or other proteins can be coated onto the gold without the need for concentration. Outstanding lot-to-lot consistency. GoldSols from BioAssay Works.

Isotyping Kits for Mouse, Rat, Human antibodies

Determine antibody class, sub-class and light chain type with a rapid 5-minute assay from BioAssay Works - Iso-Gold™ Rapid Isotyping kits. Both dipstick and lateral-flow assays are available. Kits are available for Mouse, Rat and Human antibodies.

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