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Hi all creative souls!

Ever wanted to take an on-line art class but wasn’t sure what it would be like? 


This weekend you can try it out for free! Just sign up for the FREE Creative Retreat weekend July 6th and 7th and get an amazing free creative weekend.

Register here!

I’m one of 27 teachers from around the world offering new techniques, new processes and new ways to express your own unique creativity. 

In my lesson I art journal in an old book and it is all about just letting go and enjoying the process. Sign up today!

Give yourself some creative time and what is a better way than spending a FREE weekend, getting inspired by 27 different artists sharing their creative practice?



I am one of the teachers for the Make Create Express workshop this year. This is a year long creative adventure which kicks off with this amazing

Free Creative Retreat weekend


Did I mention the free weekend - free!! how awesome is that!!.

27 teachers from around the world, including me, are generously offering up their creative gifts to help inspire your creative gifts!! AMAZINGLY awesome.
Of course we want you to play with us for the whole year but make sure you join us for the free retreat

And please tell all your creative friends, especially those who don’t yet know how wonderfully creative they are. It’s going to be a creative lovefest of inspiration!!!


With my art, my workshops and my on-line classes, I am exploring creativity, spirituality and life in general and I am passionate about sharing my journey.


...more on-line classes...

Thank you for all your support and that you keep following me and my journey. It means the world to me!!

If you want to follow me on a more daily basis you can follow me on Instagram @flowbyjenny or Facebook jennygrantart

  That is all for now!

Stay positive, be brave and spread love around you... and start to find what your daily mental hygiene rutine will look like :)


Love Jenny



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