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From the Directors Office

Summer is approaching and will bring a well-deserved break for our staff and our users.

The last year has been nothing less than a wild roller coaster ride for MAX IV – we went through legitimate external scrutiny, a management change and have had to put large parts of our project organization on new feet. The MAX IV staff has performed exceptionally well and now, 12 months later, we can see the rewards: Together with our excellent engineering, technical, and scientific staff, clear priorities and timelines made it possible to progress from 3 beamlines open to users to 8 to start accepting users this autumn and 10 that we will offer through the next user call.

In particular, accelerators are performing beautifully, and all five beamlines planned for the 1.5 GeV ring have seen the light, including FinEstBeAMS which is now serving users and the 3 transfer beamlines from MAX-lab: MAXPEEM, SPECIES and FlexPES which are now in commissioning. 

Our administrative procedures are ready to see a two-fold increase in users from last year to this year and another doubling into next year. The new science coming out from the first user experiments is already evident and very exciting.

Delivering on our promises will demand that we keep up this pace and high quality of work, and I am confident about this. The approaching summer implies for some of our staff that they soon will steam full speed into the next shutdown with a number of important installations for machine and beamlines in order to welcome users for the autumn run. 

I want to recognize the outstanding work by everyone at MAX IV that has made and is making, these accomplishments possible. I wish everyone a nice summer, with ample time away from MAX IV and hope to see you back in autumn to continue on our common exciting journey.

Ian McNulty
Interim Director, MAX IV

31st MAX IV User Meeting "Developing MAX IV: with the users, for the users"

Call for abstracts and PhD thesis award and registration

The next MAX IV user meeting will take place 23-25 September 2019 in Lund.

We now welcome abstracts for user contributions. We would very much like to see oral presentations of your first results from MAX IV in the plenary session.

You can also ask to be considered for an oral presentation during one of the parallel sessions or present a poster. Please submit your abstracts for oral contributions by 7 July. Poster contributions can be accepted until 22 August.   

MAX IV Laboratory awards one PhD work of outstanding quality relevant to MAX IV and welcome nominations until 15 July.

Registration is open, please visit:

Next call for proposals

The next general call for user proposals will open 22 August 2019 with deadline 17 September 2019. Information about available beamlines etc. will be available on the website by mid-August:

Funding for gold open access through CALIPSOplus

If you had beamtime with transnational access support through CALIPSOplus, you can get your gold open access fees covered as well. Please contact the user office for details.

Upcoming summer schools

CINEMAX V PhD Summer school – high-resolution tomography analysis: 26-30 August 2019. Registration deadline: 30 July.

The MAX IV summer school in synchrotron radiation will return in 2020.

Check out what users have been doing!

On our Science Highlights web page you will find the latest news on what users have been doing at MAX IV. 

Open positions

Be sure to always check our website for the latest openings!

Right now we are looking to fill these positions:

Please follow us for the latest new!


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