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OUT of the mind - To The HEART - Where the SOUL and Being Resides

Namasté and LOVE to you!

Welcome to the Newsletter for JUNE.

- I am litterly being sucked into the earth during summer month... My healing capacities are enhancing and my grounded feet and inner smile is BIG.

 This newsletter contains of info about the SUMMER retreat in Sthlm..

 You are so warmly welcome to come, as you are, with yourself, let your beauty unfold and breathing in the deep silence - opening up to express the uniqueness you are...

Peace is HERE too - Buddha is an energy SYMBOL

Buddha ( Siddharta Gautama was the birthname of the lifetime of his enlightenment )  Awakened out of Duality - he found inner peace and the BIG smile inside that we are eternal being. He went through  the journey of enlightenment - transcending chakras, karma, to Eternal LIGHT ) . ----- "Buddha" is within everyone!  Not Him, but the peace he found. It is the same peace within me. I spread this forward to you out of dedication for you also to SMILE BIG from Within. - You access the same energy. The message is that it is not outside of you, it is within. The beauty of coming to a retreat with someone awakened, is that you are in that aura of the still presence, so your system can relax and receive. The controle of the Mind dies when you awaken, therefor being on a retreat can be safer than out in the FOREST alone....

 LOVE from The Awakened HEART and Universal mind


RETREAT with Aschima 26-29 July

Retreat with Aschima -

Silent Space and Healing energies. Open to living Joy and deepen your being and awakened soul during 3 days at Villa Livsro Sthlm Tyresö

 The location is a Villa where they have done a lot of soundhealing and courses with higher intention to raise awareness. There is a garden where we will do Yoga and have the first meeting in the day.

 There will be so beautiful energies, in the awakened stillness with meals in silent aliveness. Satsang meetings where the intention is your awakening and open to your artistic and healing gifts. The space is also there to connect to your higher self and intuition to move forward, if you are writing a book or do courses yourself.

Ask questions about your relationships - Inner and Outer.

Are you moving through Enlightenment , Aschima will help you to transcend and answer all questions. There will be singing circle with intention to let go and be - The sounds that comes , are YOU. If you´d like a deeper contact and strenght in your voice or / drumming - Aschima will help you to be self confident.

 There is a lake nearby to swim in or walk around ( lotus flowers ) and a fire place to sing and drink tea by.

Private Session times  with Aschima will be Bookable during the retreat.

Announce your participation to latest 19/6

Price: 5800 kr

 Warmly Welcome, Aschima

 Announce participation and read more on FB: Silent Retreat with Aschima FB Event

Offer JUNE

The beautiful LOTUS flower initiation with Reiki healing - Receive 10 % discount   ( sek 2000 )

The lotus energy wil be initiated in every chakra to enhance the connection with the Femininity and your Goddess essence - The effect of the Lotus initiation will be a fuller experience of your Earth GODDESS and the ability to receive nourishing energies in nature and stay in your aura .. And also enhance your intuition with your soul.

The LOTUS flower is planted by the Gods on earth...

Available as a distance session

Receive 10% when you book 2 sessions

Reiki and Chakra balancing and Clearing - Offer still 1300 sek

Book to:


Every old soul with extra light has a soul name for his/her soul that incarnated in every lifetime you had/have. It holds your soul. Sometimes there is a calling to receive the name -

Channeling your spirit name during a reikihealing is my calling also this summer - When you book a reiki or awake guidance you can ask for this too!

LOVE Aschima

The moment is always new - Therefor it is possible to change. When you hold on to what has been, not letting the moment be in you, you are stagnant. Just one breath with intention to let in new light brings a new energy in your aura.


Warmly Welcome to come to the Retreat to meet yourself DEEPER, Opening and receive healing love

or Book a session



Awake Guidance - Reiki - Chakra healing - Attunements - Courses - ALL Available through SKYPE



Mail to







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