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Living your Temple

Welcome to my Aschima and´s newsletter for May! With Info and Inspiration and May´s offer.

- ISN`T it lovely, feeling the sun and being able to receive some of this warm embrace and the natures blossoming!? I am enjoying every second I can outdoors. I was on my daily walk today in the forest, by a magical lake, meeting my beautiful animal friends - The heron bird Happy - his family and some dear swans and ducks that recognizes me and they like to come and relax in my aura. If you have been to a satsang or a healing and a you receive the relaxation, laughter and peace - the animals around me often feel that they can relax and "receive" the same way. The beauty for me, since last year, I became friend with a Heron bird and NOW after the winter time we are reunited. He waits for me every day and fly around me when I am walking in nature. I can feel his dear heart and he sings also when I come. It is like a human-animal romance ... It´s so beautiful and I hope to document some more this summer.

Inspiration for higher Spiritiual connection within you:

- My inspiration is to Create your own temple and follow that every day. A temple is sacred space, where you find peace with who you are, not following others but yourself with honor. - To create your temple - Do what you honor every day! For example - I have a silent moment every morning with coffee, without cellphone, computor or anything..just me, silence and coffee. Then I do YOGA. I never leave the Yoga out. And now in the spring I do it in nature, bringing my crystals, yoga mat, laying it down near water. I also do Reiki every day and I play - Playing comes naturally when you give yourself space to be!

Before I was fully awake and integrated, I sat in silence at least 2 hours a day - The beauty that you get is worth every second of following that inner call.

- Instead of Choosing the emotional path with projections inside and out - Choose the Light path - being also in the moment receiving something for yourself. when you create a temple and you follow that, then you will never be sorry because you do what you honor.

LOVE from My temple Heart




Warmly welcome to come for a session to empower, clearing and receive new energies : book a session to:


NEWS for this summer is that you can BOOK a session - Being in nature with me - do Yoga - Being and have an awaken guidance. 1500 sek 



- Chakra clearing and reiki healing with Awake guidance -  10% discount

- Reiki Attunement 5% discount

- When you Book 2 sessions receive 10% discount


All discount: 1 time/client

Retreat Summer 2019 with Aschima:

You are warmly welcome to spend sacred days with Aschima.

As it looks now you are welcome to a nature reserve in Mallorca with Satsang in Nature. Walking together in silence and beingness. Singing and becoming alive. Beautiful space to have dinner time together. Also there is space for free time to spend with yourself to integrate or explore deeper.

The dates and place are not fully set yet, but you can announce your intrest on FB Retreat link:

Or in an email to

You can email Aschima if you have any wishes for dates.

If u are unsure about attending one of Aschimas retreat you can read testimonials( homepage ) or connect with aschima and she links you to someone that has been to a retreat for your questions to be answered. Much LOVE/ Aschima


Words from the heart, after a 3 days Silent Retreat

"Being present in such beautiful energies that are within yourself and the presence in the meeting with Aschima was a real homecoming integrated into me in depth. Such a perfect experience to open up and stay in the true essence, within myself.

Her amazing ability to give individual guidance in each one's life process, is a crystal clear channel that raise awareness, opens up and transforms. Aschimas retreat and bright lively presence create an environment in balance that is so incredible for the soul, a true place to truly blossom in, just being open and deepening. The togetherness and well-being of us all between the participants was so beautiful to share and I feel incredibly honored by my rich experience from the retreat. I would like to direct my warmest thanks to Aschima, who gives light to my process during the awakening.

With light and love", Nathalie Aurora

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Feminine - is to be inclusive and Embracing yourself

Budda - Connection and living the awakened PEACE that IS always present before the turmoil, during turmoil and after Turmoil - There is a space. You are ETERNAL BEING and Awakened Consciousness

- Don´t run away from pain or thoughts - Rest with them and open to the DIVINE





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