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Choosing your Free will and Truth

Warmly Welcome to my Newsletter For April - The month of BIRTH in Sweden!

Inspiration - CHOOSING from the Authentic self:

- Have you ever experienced someone giving you advice..... - following the advice and then, be in the place that you never wanted to be and then not knowing how to get out of there... Regretting listening to someone Not knowing who you ARE... AHHHH 

 We have all been confused by the minds illusion, of what is true for us by the interpretations of others... 

And To blame someone will not help you get back on track, it will only bring pain....

- often an advice from someone comes from their own will to create and they project that onto you..

 - How do you get out of there then? 

Now the journey is to start to listen to your intuition, free will and awaken out of the slumber of a collective mind illusion based on interpretations and not awakened truth... 

Create Forward: 

- To Use your freedom to create forward instead, is the only way to receive what you are here to create and to go in your athentic self. 

On earth people reach out for peoples advice - believing in Schools, Psyco therapy, doctores, based on earth knowing, scilled in their area by books. But the truth often lies beyond what they know... 

INTUITION of YOU being truthful is TO trust a feeling inside of you that says - YES, I am on the right path, by feeling new vibes in your being, joy, and freedom, opening wider... 

 AWAKE GUIDANCE - My Dedication FOR authenticity and Freedom 

Warmly welcome to me for a session, reiki healing, attunements and more. My dedication and intention with every support I give is to listen to you as a soul, so that you change the direction towards more beauty in your life. My awaken senses can see what is created by past fears, Parents, Schools and what is the Soul and your own heart. 

 Some of my clients have started an entire different life - move abroad - listening to their free will again and following the passion of their life. Finding new partners that are here listening too, not being in the "old hamster wheel" recreating patterns, but building together from truth.  

 Spiritual Worlds on Earth/ interpretations -I am not a spiritual person that follows the rules of what it is to be spiritual.. Those who know me knows I am very earth respecting, I know there are boundairies here and I have learned to respect this by EXPERIENCING - my guidance always take in the calculation of EARTH! 

ONE spiritual Guidance on earth is - If someone says - "Let go of everything - you are being held"

- LISTEN to you heart and intuition instead of listening fully to that spiritual advice online or in class..  









NEW beautiful and life enhancing Healing Session

Reiki Attunement , Healing and Chakraclearing 

Description: Receive a Reiki attunement with additional Healing, warmth and embodying your presence together with Clearing of every chakra wheel. - The attunement will be very deep and you will feel filled and renewed. 

Price is 2000 sek 

Chakra clearing and Reiki Healing 1300 sek

Both sessions are available on DISTANCE.

WELCOME to Try/ Aschima

OFFER In April

FeminineBuddas offer for April 2019. 


Receive 5 % discount on all Attunements. ( 1 time/client ) 


When booking 2 Sessions at once ( any ) receive 10% discount


Warmly welcome to book to mail:

Reiki Courses - Enhance your healing capacities and be close to Aschima


Warmly welcome to take a course with me in Reiki... The Latest course is the unique Sacred OM symbol - Learn to use it in your reiki practice

- The Work material includes:

- Enhance Meditation - Better and Deeper Sleep - a Peaceful Work environment - A Silent mind - Clear the Ego and open Universal heart energies and more -

During a course you always receives Aschimas deep support and enhance the contact with spirit, your inner healing, and the reiki energies. Read Sabines testimonial and gratitude below ( to read the swedish version, go to 




Read Words from Sabine, Now learning to give Reiki and live her Purpose

( for swedish translation go to testimonials. )

"My first contact with Reiki
During a period of fatigue and the desire to build up my energy and find direction in life, I had a strong impulse to receive coaching and Reiki by Aschima.
The meeting with Aschima and her total, loving presence helped me find my intention. To contribute to others and my own well-being in depth.
During the Reiki session, I experienced a deep relaxation while I became very aware of my body and energy within me.
I felt joy, clarity and well-being.
Aschima's Reiki ceremony was extremely beautiful with touch, wonderful song and powerful energy. All in a relaxing, harmonious environment.
After the coaching and Reiki treatment by Aschima, situations arose that clearly give me a direction and inner peace.
That I have decided to teach myself Reiki, that is part of finding my direction.
I thank Aschima from the depths of my heart.
With the warmest greetings
Sabine" Mars 2019

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