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News and offers from NOVAKEMI AB december 2018

We supply you with Immunology, Cell- & Microbiology products.

Antibodies, proteins, peptides and assay kits, animal and human blood, serum and plasma from many different manufacturers in Europe and the US.

Some featured products

NEW kit - Ultra-Sensitive AMH (anti-Müllerian hormone) ELISA  AM448T

AMH is measured in women to investigate their fertility.

  • For Serum or Plasma samples
  • Sensitivity 0.018ng/mL
  • Time to result 90 minutes

FC antibodies – for Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry can be used for cell classification and subgroup analysis by analyzing the surface antigen with fluorescence antigen/antibody detection technology. Elabscience® have collected their best flow cytometry antibodies and technical protocols. Their various flow cytometry validated antibodies offer multiple dye choices and a wide range of both intracellular and extracellular targets.

Jackson Immuno Research

Brilliant Violet - Enabling 5 color imaging 

More info: CLICK HERE


FabuLight™ - Fab Labeling primary antibodies with fluorophore-conjugated Fab anti-Fc

More info: CLICK HERE


Hematology products from Mascia Brunelli

  • Stromatol – for blood platelet count

  • Ristocetin
  • AGP TEST kit for platelet aggregation tests on PRP induced by Collagen
  • ADP
  • Adrenaline


Qsonica sonicators is effective for many applications including:

Some of our partners

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