Nyhetsbrev från Silverdals Kulle med senaste nytt. Se det i webbläsaren.

Welcome letter

Any day now, you'll recieve a welcome letter, regardless how long you've been living in your apartment. The purpose of the letter is to summarize information good to have when you're new in our association. Going forward the letter will only be sent directly to new tenants.

Condominium additional not needed

The board wants to clarify that our collective agreement with Söderberg & Partner means that each member doesn't need the add on "bostadsrättstillägg" (condominium additional) with their home insurance company. 

Ground for sale

The ground on the back side (the gravel) and the slope towards Rådanvägen is now for sale. As soon as we get more information we'll distribute it in a newsletter or on our web site. 

Lowered garage fee

In January 2019 the lowered garage fee will be implemented. The new price will be 850 SEK a month, a price more in level with our neighbor associations.

New parking company

As of October 1st we have a new agreement with Q-park for parking services in our court yard. The same vendor that already have the assignment to check Margreteborgsvägen. We want to clarify that if you park your car in our court yard you are risking a fine, just like before.


Distributed by the board of the tennant association Silverdals kulle. 
If you have questions, email us: styrelsen@silverdalskulle.se

Du får detta nyhetsbrev eftersom du äger en lägenhet hos oss eller för att du har skrivit upp dig på vårt nyhetsbrev. Skulle du vilja avsluta din prenumeration, klicka här.

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