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Have you ever thought about buying

one of my paintings?


Wanted to flip through one of my art journals?


Now is the time!


12 pieces of my art is available for bidding today...

...and 3 of my handmade art journals in the Handmade Holiday Auction Event on Facebook.



The auction is live and the bidding is in full action!

It is the first time I sell any of my very precious art journals! It will be hard to part with them but I feel very excited to share a part of my soul to someone that will enjoy flipping through them as much as I do! 

Please come and support me at the event page. The more people that click "going" and that comment on the posts the better spread Facebook gives us :)

If you would like to buy something please place your bid in the comments below the piece you would like.

My art and Lindsay Vanhove fantastic glowing bowls are auctioned today until 11.30 am EST (17.30 Central European Time).


Below is a sample of some of my pieces that are still available



In total the Handmade Holiday Auction is including art from 23 artists. We will auction a selected number of objects such as paintings, prints, jewelry, art dolls, and assemblage. You can shop for handmade gifts for others and yourself, from the comfort of your own home. Why not buy some Christmas gifts already now!


2019 Calendar

My 2019 calendar is here :) It includes 12 big prints of my art and 5 columns per month for your planning. This Art Planner/Family calendar is created as a tool for you to plan your weeks.

Why not give it as a gift to a friend or maybe to your employees as a Christmas gift! 

It is available both in Swedish or English! 

Book of Flow - the E-course


Join me on a unique and fun adventure of Mixed Media Art Journaling. My art journaling process is totally free from requirements, rules, results or obligations. For me art journaling is a resting place where I give my self time to recover and let my creative spirit be free. 

I share all my favourite art supplies and techniques and let you come along through my process of making my own handmade Art Journal and I will show you how I use them in my daily life. 

My goal is to inspire you and give you the tools to be creative with no need of any particular outcome or specific results. The process and the time you spend creating is the purpose of the journey. The end result is just a bonus.



  That is all for now!

Hope to see you in the auction event:-)

Stay positive, be brave and spread love around you.


Love Jenny



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