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Autumn is just around the corner...

Hi everyone, 

The summer is still here but we can feel the autumn in the air. The nights are getting darker and the kids are back in school.

It is great to be back in the stuido on a regular basis and the autumn plans are full of fun projects, exhibitions and workshops

Below you can read about all the local workshops and exhibitions happening this autumn. If you are interested in my e-courses you can read more here.

I am also doing a lot of planning for 2019 and that will not be a slow year either. I am happy I have my 2019 calender printed and ready to fill with all the fun projects, workshops and exhibitions.

Do you want to buy my 2019 calender? Follow the link below! It is a limited edition.


Exhibition: "Chicas" - favorit i repris!!


September 1, 11.00-16.00 

Here we go again!! Last year the exhibition "Chicas", at Hägernäs Strands Galleri in Täby, north of Stockholm, was a fantastic success... so, we decided to do it again. I am exhibiting together with two passionate chicas Madeleine Santiago and Camilla Lundén. We all paint colourful chicas but with very individual and unique imagery expressions. A very interesting and fun exhibition in a peaceful setting. Hope to see you at the opening! 

Skaparverkstad efter skolan

En mycket uppskattad eftermiddag då kreativiteten får flöda. Alla får tillgång till en mängd olika material såsom färg, papper, pennor och tyg och jobbar med sina egna projekt, på ett kreativt och fritt sätt, allt för att skapa en miljö där den egna kreativiteten får ta plats.

Ateljé Flow, Danderyd
Edsviksvägen 85

Varannan måndaga kl. 15.30-17.30


Weekend workshop schedule

In my workshops I share all my favourite processes and techniques. We work with different media on materials such as canvas, paper and fabric with acrylic paint, ink, pens and charcoal. In my Find your Flow workshop we work big on stretched canvas. In my Book of Flow workshop we cut the painted background, glue and stitch it all together to create our Book of Flow.

Do you like painting, crafting, drawing and writing? Would you like to have a relaxing fun weekend, just for you? You can be a beginner or an experienced artist. These workshops are for everyone!

These are the only workshops left 2018!


September 8-9, Norway

Fully Booked

October 20-21, Stockholm

November 10-11, Holland

Team Building in an art studio?

Are you looking to do something fun together with family, friends or a company team building event. Come and paint in my studio! 

  • You will enjoy the freedom of unrestrained creative expression in a real art studio.
  • You are guided through the painting session with simple prompts.
  • You are free to create all on your own while receiving individual attention and guidance
  • There are no skills required.

2019 Calendar

This handy Art Planner will help you keep track of all your projects or the whole family, with 1 month and 5 columns per spread, you can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Filled with 12 new vibrant artworks. Happy planning!

Affordable Art Fair Stockholm returns in October 2018, with more than 50 local, national and international galleries exhibiting contemporary art works by established artists and rising stars! I am so happy to be represented at the fair by Nordic Art Wall


  That is all for now!

Hope to see you in one of my workshops or Exhibitions:-)

Stay positive, be brave and spread love around you.


Love Jenny



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