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XT Mini ‚Äď Designed & optimized for access control applications

The TagMaster XT Mini, a reader for long range applications, is designed and optimized for access control applications. It offers a long range extension to access control systems and is intended for pole mounting close to the vehicle lane for parking access in residential and commercial applications such as gated communities, condominiums, car parks and employee parking.
In many applications using RFID long range readers for vehicle identification and parking venues it is often common to mount the RFID reader right next to a barrier or gate. At TagMaster we have designed our TagMaster XT Mini to be used at close long range up to 3m. By designing a reader with relatively short long range we have made an economical solutions to fit the many applications where the reader is applied directly in the parking entrance environment.

TagMaster Test Tag

To easily identify the optimal placement of the tag in the vehicle

To further make the use of our TagMaster XT Mini reader easy to use we have designed the Test Tag function.
Using the ‚ÄėTest Tags‚Äô function makes it easy to move around a tag to find a spot with good signal strength by¬†observing the reader¬īs LED indication. Green LED meaning very good strength, yellow LED meaning limited strength and¬†‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äčred LED indicating no signal at all. ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčThe benefit of this solution is that no extra equipment is needed (only reader and tag) and that the exact same tag that is being used in the installation is used for the test.
The function has been developed by TagMaster to solve the challenge with installation in cars with metalized windshields, but it can also be a valuable tool aiding the general placement of tags and readers. This is done without any additional equipment or additional cost.
The XT Mini has an ‚ÄėEasy Configuration‚Äô-feature supporting the most common access control systems,¬†limiting the configuration time to only a few seconds.
The product can also operate stand-alone with external equipment connected directly to the internal relay and has as all our XT readers the possibility to program a tag in the reader as well.

For more detailed information please have a look at where downloads of the relevant datasheets are available. If you have any further questions please contact TagMaster at

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