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Living your SOUL fullness

- Autumn love from Aschima -

 - The NEW AGE BEINGS: - Are you moving with the evolution of being here and now,  relaxing into soulvibes, receiving more freedom and less fear and drama, hightening and developing consciouness....

- Welcome to my newsletter - with information and inspiration for your soul to live from the truth of who you are - Enlightenment, Awakening- receiving and integrating your beautiful gifts and to stand in your power and soulfullness! 

- I am sitting at one of my favorite coffee places in Sthlm/with  beautiful Italian souls. It is a HOT day, as has this summer been. I have been having sessions almost everyday this summer,  I´ve been  taking some days off, and just relaxing, by my favorite lake, swimming - where I receive what my body and soul needs to be refilled. 

I hope you have been enjoying your summer!

- Lightworker and lightbeing - You came down to earth to experience yourself on a new, higher level in this lifetime, everyone has a unique path and unique gifts. Therefore there can be changes that are sometimes diffusing in your knowing/ creating pain. Some people start to remember who they are which is so liberating, before that, they often feels like an alien on earth. I am here to support your healing journey, to lighten the path and to spread joy and space in your aura - 


- This Autumn : when you book 2 sessions /prepaid receive 10% discount. 

I am introducing One new light initiation and again the beautiful enlightened reiki symbol in this newsletter. 

- you are warmly Welcome to receive reiki healing with the intention to stay and hold your aura this autumn/winter period.

- Reiki Attunements and courses to learn healing and to give healing to yourself:


INFO: My webpage is now or ( NEW spelling )

New Initiation Session and Reiki info...



Welcome to A beautiful one hour session ( distant or in person ) with Initiation of White sacred light, Blue Fire and Violet fire - Receive with your intention and an opening prayer.

Read Rimas experience after the initiation:

När jag tog emot Violetta flamman & Divine White light initeringen så kände jag min själ, kände mig som en gudinna, en stark närvaro och glädje, att skratta i nuet och att jag bara strålade och skapade glädje kring mig. Jag manifesterade så mycket fint och närvaron var vacker. Tack!"

"When I received the Violet flame & Divine White light initiation, I felt my soul, and I felt like a goddess, a strong presence and joy, laughing in the moment, and just radiating and creating joy all around me. I manifested so much beauty and the presence was beautiful. Thanks!"

Rima Ashanti 2018


Book through email. Cost 2200 sek


Warmth, Aschima


A Reiki Symbol for Light carriers - going through enlightenment and ascension - To hold the aura and balance chakras -

- Every Reiki attunement with Aschima is given with extra healing and clearing of chakras and her full attention, so you receive more energies of truth with you, to be Happy and feel empowered to go your light path.

The new symbol carries the highest vibration for enhancing wellbeing is received by Aschima, and it is called:

Enlightened Power: The symbol was given to Aschima to help all lightworkers, with dedication to live from truth, transcending and living with open hearts, creating their unique vibration forward, also fo those that are in connection with their twin soul.

LÄS Pias upplevelse av Enlightened Power - Pia går precis ut "Master Healer" utbildning via Aschima, integrerat med Kurs i den nya Reiki Symbolen.  

 " Jag får tårar så fort jag ska beskriva den. Den är så himla vacker. Tack för att jag får ta dela av den. Så magisk.!

Jag Älskar den. Den är kraftfull och börjar verka innan sessionen, känner av i händerna i kroppen. Den har hjälpt mig att öppna upp mer visuellt. Den har gett bättre sömn. Den skyddar och håller fokus. Den finns med som en naturlig del i mitt liv. Jag kan visualisera den ifall jag behöver mer energi, lugn. Jag kan hjälpa mina chakran när jag känner av att jag står i obalans. Använder den från morgon till kväll."

Pia, Augusti 2018


Pias Experience of Enlightened Power - 

"I get tears in my eyes as soon as I describe it. It's so heavenly beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. So magical!

I love it. It is powerful and begins to work before I give a session, sensing its energy in the hands and the body. It has helped me open up more visually. It has given me better sleep. It protects and maintains my focus. It is included as a natural part of my life. I can visualize it if I need more energy and calmness. I can help my chakras when I feel one is in imbalance. I uses it from morning to evening" Pia, Augusti 2018


BOKA: - Du kan ta enbart Initiering av Symbolen för att få dess energi. Eller få den både initierad tillsammans med kursmaterial utarbetat av Aschima för att använda den i ditt arbete, då du ger healing eller i ditt vardagliga liv. ( för kurs krävs att du tagit grundkurs i reiki )

Kostnad enbart Attunment: 1700 sek  ( skype session med initiering och extra healing ) med Kursmaterial kostnad 4400 sek


BOOK ( English ): You can choose - only to initiate the Symbol, to receive its energy.
Or get it initiated with course material, prepared by aschima to use it in your work, as you give healing or in your everyday life.



Selling CD through U

Receive CD profit through your healing work:

- Do you work with Meditation, Healing, Yoga or Free dancing- other spiritual work and want to co work together with me by selling forward the CD sacred Healing Songs.  For every sold record your receive 35% of the earnings.

To set it up - Contact me through mail -


"When you trust that you are loved and unique - You do not have to prove you are something, you can allow yourself to BE" 

I LOVE your SOUL, not your identification or Ego 


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