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Annual Meeting

A big thanks to all of you that attended our annual meeting, even though we would have wished for more neighbours to prioritze and show up. Short summary from the meeting agenda below:

  • Decision made regarding lowered garage fee, the new fee will be 850 SEK a month.
  • The motion about installing ”warning lamps” in connection with our garage doors was approved.
  • The new board: Annelie Löf (chairman), Kim Hellströmer (vice chairman), Jennie Cederlund Janevi (secretary), Susanne Jussén (member), Erica Carlsson (member), Jeanette Ousdal (member), Håkan Södergren (member), Raffael Guariglia (alternate), Charlott Richardson (alternate), Sofie Ehrström (alternate).


Cars in the court yard

Cars both driving and parking in our court yard is a common sight. We therefor like to remind you that all parking is forbidden in other locations than the marked parking spaces. Since the dust cart needs to be able to empty our trashes, we cannot place obsticles in the way. So please follow the rules in order to keep the area as calm and safe as we can for all tenants.


  1. Make sure to really close the paper bag. This way no fly can place eggs among our food waste. Many of the bags are filled with to much waste so the bags are fully open.
  2. The food waste shall be as dry as possible. It’s good to add some extra paper towels to absorbe some of the moist.


Distributed by the board of the tennant association Silverdals kulle. 
If you have questions, email us: styrelsen@silverdalskulle.se

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