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Your data is safe with Melin & Carlsson

There’s been a lot of talk about data recently and that might have worried You, so we wanted to email to tell you there’s no need.

We care about our customers, previous or potential customers, and You care about how we store and use Your data, so we’ve updated our privacy policy to make sure everything’s transparent and in-line with GDPR, valid from now.

Personal data is stored in our system and is not used in other contexts than in order handling and in conversation about our products.

Any time You can tell us to change or take away Your personal data - we're just an email away. In that case mail us at order@mchydraulic.se

A few times a year we send You information about us and our products and even holidays - make sure that You won't miss that information! Therefore we hope You still think it's okey to have Your email address in our system.

If not - use the link below.

Feel safe with us!

Ola Melin with staff

Melin & Carlsson • Box 438 • 573 25 Tranås • www.mchydraulic.se

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