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The good & bad news

Dear colleagues,

Building a unique research infrastructure is an exciting and demanding task. Some things go as expected, others don't. In this newsletter we inform you about the good progress MAX IV has made as well as about the challenges we are facing.

Our challenge is to open as many beamlines to user as possible. This is not happening as fast as anticipated in the initial project plans, many of them dating back to 2011. While three beamlines (BioMAX, NanoMAX, HIPPIE) are available to users and are doing fantastic science, others are delayed. As reported on the web we have restructured our internal processes to speed up beamline delivery. One effect of that will be the first call for the Bloch and FinEstBeAMS beamlines to be published next week. It is painful to admit that we are delayed, but it is necessary for users to do their planning and for us to optimize our internal resources.

While we have to admit delays we are proud to report that so far all beamlines open to users are of excellent quality. In addition we now have 16 beamlines fully funded, compared to the original portfolio of 7 beamlines. So quality and quantity are assured. 


Marjolein Thunnissen, photo by Kennet Ruona

On the bright side I am happy to welcome our new Life Science Director. Marjolein Thunnissen will take up her tasks 1 July. She was selected in a comprehensive international recruitment process amongst a number of highly qualified candidates. I am very happy to move ahead with her and Ian McNulty on the team. They complement each other very well and emblematize the aspects characterising MAX IV: scientific excellence, strong national anchoring but international ambition, broad coverage of science areas, dedication to user service and outreach.

In the recently completed call for proposals we received 143 applications from almost all relevant institutions in the country. We see users returning after first pilot experiments and we see new users applying. The interest to get access to the beamlines already open at MAX IV is huge. We are happy about that and it further motivates us to open more of these excellent beamlines as soon as possible.

Next week the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)will review our progress and activities. At the forthcoming 30th MAX IV User Meeting – Coherent Visions, 24-26 September 2018, users will have the chance to see themself how far we have come and what will become available soon. I look forward to welcoming you there!

Christoph Quitmann

User statistics MAX IV

Distribution of proposals received 2016-2018

The first expert commissioning call was opened in August 2016 and since then there have been three more calls. The last one closed in April this year and the proposals from this call are now under review by the different Program Advisory Committees. 

Of the 273 proposals recieved, 44 have been accepted and 119 are still under review. Proposals by Swedish scientists sum up to approximately half of the accepted proposals and half of the proposals still under review.

Number of proposals per beamline for the period 2016-2018

The high oversubscibtion demonstrates the enormous interest by the user community in using MAX IV. As these operational  beamlines provide more hours to the users and as new beamlines become available this oversubscribtion should go down.

Once all of the 16 funded beamlines are in full user operation this will represent a capacity very much higher than at the previous MAX-lab. Obviously the quality of the new beamlines will outshine what was possible at MAX-lab. This has already been confirmed by the first MAX IV users.

This will allow serving the existing and future Swedish user community while also accepting the best international scientists.

Board members for FASM

The user organization at MAX IV (FASM) will have the annual open meeting in the afternoon of September 24 during the MAX IV user meeting in Lund.

At this meeting the FASM board will present new regulations for FASM, and a new FASM board shall be elected.

It is important that the FASM board consists of persons which are or are presumed to be active users of MAX IV, the number of men and women shall be as equal as possible, and representing different experiences.

All present and former MAX users are welcome to propose candidates to the new FASM board by e-mail to any of these:
Marcus Agåker (soft X-rays)
Jörgen Larsson (time-resolved studies and diffraction)
Susanna Horsefield (life sciences)
Ingmar Persson (X-ray spectroscopy)
no later than 15 June, 2018.

EUCALL final Annual Meeting

EUCALL held its third and final Annual Meeting during 30 May - 01 June 2018 at ELI-Beamlines in Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic. During the course of three days, 65 project participants gathered to discuss the project results and to plan the conclusion of the project's European funding period on 30 September 2018. The agenda also included presentations about relevant European projects, and a presentation for a vision of future collaboration between the accelerator and laser communities following the end of the project.

More details to be added in June 2018.

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