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2017 was an eventful year!

2017 turned out to be a very exciting and eventful year at Steeltech. We asked our CEO Björn Sjölin to pick a few gems to sum up last year.

“Let’s start with the machine side of things where we witnessed a successful launch of industrial machines in the North American market. Our pans also got a facelift as well as reduced prices, and we introduced more options in the range.”




Christer Kajsjö, Magnus Westin, Sara Lindgren and Claes-Erik Ekström.

New faces and new positions

Right now, many things are happening at Steeltech. Among other things, we can now introduce a new Purchasing Manager and a new Service Manager plus a number of employees who have been assigned slightly different positions.


Preparing to move

After 20 years in our old premises, construction of Steeltech’s new facility on Bultgatan in the Sävelund industrial park of Alingsås is in full swing. The total area of the new facility amounts to 6,000 square metres, which is actually 1,500 square metres smaller than the existing facility, but the new premises are significantly better suited to the company’s needs and operations. In spring, we will be moving in three phases. The first lorries will be loaded in April, and we will then gradually move the equipment and facilities up to June.

“In connection with the move, we plan to invest in a number of new machines, among others a cutting-edge, fully automated laser welding unit. This is also why we do not expect any extensive production shut-downs,” says Patrik Strandberg.

“Thanks to these new investments, our production efficiency will get a big boost compared to today.”

Once everyone has settled down in the new premises, Steeltech also plans to hold its 20-year anniversary, which will take place this fall. But this is something we will return to in a later issue. As you can see, there will be many reasons to celebrate once autumn arrives!

1 + 1 = 3

This is an apt equation result that perfectly matches our range of servicing and refrigeration support. Through the acquisition of Mannrox Kyl & Elteknik AB in 2017, we have expanded from six to twelve engineers, whilst the two units have undeniably complemented one another to go further in the types of projects undertaken.

“The former Mannrox employees have been able to offer existing Steeltech Service customers a complete span of refrigerator and freezer services that was previously lacking. On the service side, our support has become more complete towards many customer groups,” says Mats Jernsand, and he continues:

“Similarly, we have opened the doors for Steeltech Service with its services to the food industry where we previously were only active on the refrigeration side.”

Through the merger, Steeltech Service has also embraced a digital service system, enabling all service engineers to get their work orders dispatched by phone, whilst reporting and invoicing matters are also handled by phone. At the same time, the customer receives instant acknowledgement of completed work, including a detailed breakdown of all issues covered. All in all, this has also meant improved streamlining of service visits.

Continued cooperation with IFK Göteborg in 2018

Steeltech will continue its cooperation with the IFK Göteborg football club in 2018 by renewing its club partner status. This collaboration began last year and has proven very successful in developing new leads and business contacts.



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