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Strong order intake

There's still room for new orders with delivery in August.

Yes, You're totally right - we're fully booked until the holiday and work hard to handle deliveries that are now in place before we close for 4 weeks.

Therefore, it's about time, already by now, to place orders for deliveries in August.

Holiday period - summer 2018

Now weeks are running fast towards the summer and holiday periods.

In addition to the fact that we are not in place June 6th (National Day) and June 22nd (Midsummer's Eve), we close for 4 weeks, as usual.

So, we close both production and office from July 9th and will be back again August 6th (week 28-31).

We wish Johan good luck

Johan Nolberger has assumed new challenges and we're thankful for his time with us and wish him now good luck in his new job.

Now we're looking for a new seller and hope to present a name soon.

Enjoy our beatiful summer!

Ola Melin with staff

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