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Sjöö Sandström Sweden AB is founded in Stockholm 1986 by Christer Sjöö and Mikael Sandström. They ask themselves whether craftsmanship and high-tech innovation can symphonize in one single watch. And soon an idea is born. Honing their skills, they introduce the Automatic in 1993, an elegant handmade watch that goes on to win the esteemed Excellent Swedish Design award in 1995.


The new Royal Capital is the epitome of Swedish Luxury, with a movement crafted in the heart of Switzerland. It now comes in two different executions and we have added the complication date and uses the caliber 5400 from Vaucher Manufacture. 



CASE: 18K 5N pink gold, Ø40mm, thickness 8,1mm incl. curved sapphire crystal.

CASE-BACK: 18K 5N pink gold, see-through with sapphire crystal.

CROWN: 18K 5N pink gold with engraved logo.

DIAL: Silver AU-1740-1, Blue AU-1740-2, with rose gold satin and polished index.


BRACELET: Black, Brown or Blue genuine alligator bracelet with curved fitting, 20mm.

BUCKLE: Folding buckle in 18K, 5N gold with engraved logo, quick adjustment of length.

Sjöö Sandström is today one of the few independent watch manufacturers in the world and one of the most coveted brands. Adhering to small-scale manufacturing and combining tradition, innovation and design, they honor the Swedish heritage of skilled watchmaking. Each model is produced in exclusive series and every timepiece is meticulously tested before release.

Depending on model, a leather, rubber, or steel bracelet is mounted to the watch using special tools and individually adjusted links for optimal fit and durability. The new timepiece is subjected to a visual control, a thorough polishing, and a final control of all functions before it is packaged. The functionality tests include visual analysis of the hands, date window, pushers, crown, and hand-setting lever. The watch is set to the correct time and polished one final time before leaving the workshop.


“Before assembling the watch every single part is subjected to a thorough technical and aesthetic inspection.”



“The timepiece begins to emerge when the dial and hand are mounted in the case.”


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