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In March 2017 we negotiated and lowered the interest of the first 30 MSEK mortgage, a rate cut with about 2% to a fixed-rate mortgage for a five year period.

Now it's time again and the board has chosen the same set up for our second 30 MSEK mortgage. An interest of ~ 1,5 % compared to the ~ 3,5% we have today. We are lowering cost with about 600 000 SEK per mortgage and year. Money that improves our cash flow and makes it possible to amortise more compared with the financial plan. Important for us that lives in a new tenant with large mortgages.

Annual Meeting

May 22nd is a date to save in your calendar so you don’t miss the yearly meeting. More details and information will be shared later on.

Last chance!

This autumns bicycle clean up left us with about 20 bikes without an owner. Are you missing your bike? Then it's time to contact the board immediately. A company specializing in fixing and selling bikes will pick them up shortly.


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