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New features in CitySync’s JetManagementSuite software 8.6

Dual Plate Reading

Dual Plate Reading with the CitySync CS50 Intelligent ANPR Camera

The CitySync JetManagementSuite software 8.6 has a great new feature that allows dual plate reading using 2 x CitySync CS50 intelligent ANPR cameras linked together.

The CitySync CS50 already benefits from advanced features such as local relay control and Wiegand output for easy integration to access control systems plus on-board database and configurable xml output. But dual plate reading gives the CS50 another unique advantage.

The dual plate reading feature allows 2 x CS50 intelligent ANPR cameras to be linked and configured as primary and secondary readers, simultaneously capturing front and rear mounted licence plates but only transmitting one cameras result. This could increase accuracy in challenging conditions and simplify integration with parking systems as duplicate reads from multiple ANPR cameras will be eliminated.

2 x CS50 cameras could also be used to cover a wide site entrance reading front plates and linked together so that only one read result is transmitted, eliminating duplicate reads.

Read more about CitySync 50 and JetManagementSuite. 

New engineer setup

CitySync’s JetManagementSuite software version 8.6 will see the inclusion of a new setup functionality. This will allow the installing engineer visibility on screen of the ideal plate read position. This will enable them to point the camera in the optimal direction for best capture read rates.

Crop zone capability

In the latest release there will also be crop zone capability from the web browser. This will enable the installing engineer or commissioner to zone a specific area of the scene to prioritize the plate read area and not any offending areas around the scene edges that may cause false reads whilst no plate is in view.

This is particularly useful in situations where a cameras orientation cannot avoid background objects that may get mistaken for being real plates, fences & windows for example. Or maybe you just want to simply crop out a lane that you do not want to get plate events from.

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