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Teltek AB

Teltek is a Swedish specialist in dynamic checkweighing equipment, with more than 30 years’ experience.

Our checkweighers and peripheral equipment are mainly installed for controlling food, pharma and chemical products, but there are also many other types of production where the checkweighers are be used.

Why choose?

By choosing to co-operate with Teltek you are guaranteed to have a reliable partner, high quality products, very flexible solutions and the absolute highest level of support.

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Anders Englund for more information and ideas about what Teltek can do for you and your company.

+46 19 311 302



Teltek InControl - Do you have control?

The central point is an Microsoft_SQL database, if you already have a Microsoft _SQL-database we can happily use it. 
Specification of the structure and tables are open.
The checkweighers have a two way communication with the Microsoft _SQL database.
Analyze and report tools are accesible through a standard web browser, no need for installation of special software for client use, you can use a PC, tablet or mobile.
No annual license fees, just one initial license cost.

Teltek InControl™ help your customer to save money from the first day!
Contact Anders Englund and he will help you to get a password to the demo version.

To contact Anders: mail: or call: +46 19 311 302


See Telteks solutions at Vimeo

Don´t forget to take a look at our Vimeo site, to see short videos of our solutions. You find our site here.

New employee

Teltek have added a new technical development manager to our team by employing Magnus Holmkvist.

Magnus Holmkvist replaces Magnus Svensson who moved on to another job.

Welcome Magnus Holmkvist!
Magnus Holmkvist
+46 19 311 307

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