Reconstructive and trauma - learning circle/training with certificate

18-20 May 2018

Welcome to learn how to work with trauma to open up for Reconstructive. Trauma is always creating survival strategies both on individuals and collective level. This is a training in six days. The first three days is in 18-20 of May 2018 and the next three in 7-9 of September. After this six dags with a study in between you get a certificate. This training is a good way of learning about trauma in relation to your self, the people you work with as individual and in groups. This is also a training about traumas in organisations and society that create survivals. We go through different ways of approaching trauma and the focus is how trauma kan open for the gifts. We learn how to see the big picture to approach collective trauma. All this is a way to take the next step towards the truth to open for what is behind, for the rots in you, in the group, in organisation and in the society.  

"Can trauma have a meaning, yes, when I open the inner core of the trauma and at the same time the inner power, when they unite they give meaning to life". 

Trauma from events or shortcomings occurs when a person is in a situation where he or she is powerless and helpless. When the person can no longer go into "fight or flight response" but ends up in the "freeze response" it leads to splitting and dissociation. From this splitting we create survival strategies to protect ourselves. We also take over trauma from our family, society and the culture. The only one that can create the change within the conseqensis of our trauma is ourselves. Every society have trauma and are  traumatized and we do not see that. Also organisations and groups has this pattern. This creates en hidden dynamics we do not understand. During this training we are going to open to heal the core in traumas, learn to understand the big picture behind traumas, learn to see survivals and gifts that creates from traumas, learn how to aproach humans from "not knowing".  

"It is time to free yourself from your personal history and let your inner child grow up. It is time to take personal responsibility in an increasingly traumatized society with a lot of survival strategies and where the society lost the contact with the nations soul. We can never change the collective; change comes on the basis that individuals are changing and affecting the collective". 

Trauma has a wholeness

Traumahology has developed to open for the fact that we live in multiple realities at the same time. Nothing is what we think. All our traumas has a core and a task. This way of working is open for the possibility to go more into Reconstructive to find you as origin. Everything in life has a meaning even if we do not think that. As long as we are stuck in our traumas we become helpers, victim and perpertrators to ourselves and even to others. Traumahology open for the possibility to take home your splits, release your body and open for the gifts you have protected, to allow us to see a wholeness of trauma. This is taken you out of the pattern of victim and perpertrator. This pattern belongs to survival strategies both individual and collective. Living life from reality do not crete this pattern anymore, it just open for gift in life. 

We have many purpose

We have many purposes in this life, each of them attracts different people to help us grow. When I have completed a task and purpose, it is finished and I can move on to the next one. Life is about systems, and for me a purpose is what I have to learn in this life to expand this system. I can learn to take responsibility; I can learn to take life as it is; I can learn that my projection towards my parents is mine even if it comes from my childhood. If we blame or protect, we remain as a child. The way is to acknowledge what we did not get and what happened to see what the purpose of that was. Trauma always has a purpose. This is a painful journey for all of us. Often we do not want this. This is also the journey of our growth. If we take our purpose one by one this can lead me to the mission, my task, to contribute to this life. 

Marie Fridolf is from Sweden. She has a background in social work, as a leader, teacher and scientist in the welfare system of Sweden. She has education in Psychosynthesis, Systemic constellations, Somatic Experiencing and Identity oriented Psychotrauma. During many years she worked with cooperation and leadership in organisations as a consultant. She teaches in Reconstructive and Traumahology. She has long expeiencing both with individual and collective trauma.

Eva Hernandez is from Spain. Her background is in economics with an MBA degree, as well as a long business experience. She worked in investment banking, which allowed her to see from close the patterns behind financial market movements. She has training in leadership, NLP and organizational constellations. Now, she teaches Reconstructive work, focusing on patterns related to business and money. She has long experiencing in collective trauma from the money market. She teaches in Reconstructive.

Hildur Vea comes from Karmøy, Norway. She runs Balanzen AS, which is a center of vitality and personal development. It offers talks, yoga and courses. Hildur Vea is a Doctor of Public Health, is educated in several therapy programs and is a yoga teacher. She ihas a training in Somatic Experiencing. Her academic interest is how we can use the body as a compass when we must heal ourselves. Hildur Vea facilitates Reconstructive in Norwieg. She has long experiencing of trauma.  

Information about this learning circle/training

Time: 18-20 of May and 7-9 of September 2018

Place. Kungälvs folkhögskola Kungälv/Gothenburg, Sweden

Price: 6000 SEK each module for 3 days working from 9 am to 9 pm. On Sunday we end at 4 pm. Total of 30 hours each modul. You can sig to both or one of the module.

Cerificate: If you sign to both module you have a cerificate from the Reconstructive School. 

Sign to: Before 1st of May. No money refunds after this date.

More information: marie.fridolf@reconstructiveschool

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