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HBK:are besökte Sri Lanka

Den förre A-lagsspelare Johan Mauritzson och akademi- & ungdomstränaren Morgan Ljungkvist åkte på nyårsdagen till Sri Lanka för att träna fotboll - läs mer

Talalla House

A stunning house on one of the most beautiful southern beaches with 7 ensuite air con bedrooms..all with ocean views.

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How To Extend A Sri Lanka Tourist Visa

While Sri Lanka offers a way to get a 30-day Tourist Visa online, getting it extended is not as convenient. Read more

A Postcard from Sri Lanka - Colombo from the Ashes

Battered by decades of civil war, Colombo’s historic Fort district has transformed spectacularly over the past few years from a war-torn shell into one of Asia’s most enjoyable city neighbourhoods. Gavin Thomas reports from a capital city on the up.

London has a Ministry of Sound, Singapore has a Ministry of Design, but only Colombo has a Ministry of Crab. Voted one of Asia’s top 50 restaurants for the past three years running, the self-styled “ministry” sits nestled cosily inside a beautifully restored 17th-century Dutch hospital at the heart of Colombo’s historic Fort district, hemmed in by further upscale restaurants, bars and boutiques.

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Sri Lanka in Style: Santani Wellness Resort & Spa

It’s January. America buckles under well-below-zero temperatures, Blighty is gloomy, back-t0-work blues are taking hold and we’ve come out of Christmas overweight, overindulged and off the booze. Tom Bangay has the solution.. Read more

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Vogue: Where to Surf and Stay on Sri Lanka’s South Coast

Sri Lanka’s spectacular coastline boasts palm-dotted bays and sweeping stretches of warm sand fringed by bathtub-temperature water and rolling waves, not to mention charming boutique hotels and cafés. Read more

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