14-18 March 2018

Reconstructive - learning circle with certificate

Welcome to learn how to work with Reconstructive. Time to change your way of seeing life and start building communities. For the first time Bart, Eva and Marie open the space to work in an intensive training. Time is limitid, life and the planet waiting for new actions. From now on, we call it learning circle and we open for community in Europe. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about Reconstructive. Open up to reality and learn more about the survival strategies that take us away from life. Open for you as origin and learn about what is beyond our usual way of perceiving ourselves and the world.


From system to life, gifts and mission

In this intensive learning circle, you will learn the structure of Reconstructive from a systemic approach. This is going to take you to life, your gifts and mission.

The circle starts in the systemic land, where you are going to meet yourself in the way you create systems. From here, you can change your way of working in communities. In communities, we are open to work together and we are not there from personal needs. Having experienced this, we can also go back to our family as origin in a totally different way. This is to heal yourself. We will learn the basic principles of systemic constellations and then go into Reconstructive, another way of seeing life working with energy. Going into this model, opens up you as origin. During the learning circle, we will have the possibility to go a little deeper in survivals you create from Money, Trauma and Gender. You will open up and understand more about where you are coming from and maybe you get  a sense regarding your contribution to life and the planet. You will learn a lot of tools and you are going to work with this on each others. 

Life is about experiencing and experiment 

We need to experience in order to expand. Reconstructive allow us to expand our perception which include mind, body and spirit to feel energy in its purest form. This reveal enormous healing power. Our perception expands and in this movement we find information about our mission and project. 

The magic of life

Reconstructive empowers us to get a new perspective, a new vision. It will guide us to acquire the wisdom that we deserve to have. Taking the responsibility of our life is the greatest movement for the spirit. This is magic.

Are you ready to meet yourself in life´s magic! Are you ready to see your survival strategies that take you from life! Are you ready to transform without control? Are you ready to meet yourself as origin and take actions from that!


Bart De Coninck is from Belgium. His professional roots are in Medicine, Gestalt Therapy, Couple Therapy and Constellations work. He teaches Reconstructive both for men-only groups and for mixed groups. Eva Hernandez is from Spain. Her background is in economics with an MBA degree, as well as a long business experience. She has training in leadership, NLP and organizational constellations. Now, she teaches Reconstructive work, focusing on patterns related to business and money. Marie Fridolf is from Sweden. She has a background in social work, as a leader, teacher and scientist in the welfare system of Sweden. She has education in Psychosynthesis, Systemic constellations, Somatic Experiencing and Identity oriented Psychotrauma. She teaches Reconstructive with welfare and trauma work. 

Reconstructive empowers us to get a new perspective, a new vision. It guides us to acquire the wisdom that we deserve to have. Taking responsibility for our life is the greatest movement for the spirit.

In Reconstructive work, we empower the energy that is full of information to express itself, so that people can connect with their issues. It has the power to lift our masks and expose the real thing. After deconstructing some of the issues we thought were important, something new arrives. By feeling the real emotions, something can get in motion again.

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In Gothenburg

This time we meet in Gothenburg, Sweden. We call and invite you from wherever you are. We are looking for individuals who are in the growingneed for health, respect for life and acknowledge our mission.

Will you join us?

International school

Reconstructive is a model developed by Carola Castillo over the last twenty years. We hold this model in an International Integrative Holistic School. 

Read more;

www.reconstructiveschool.com; www.carolacastillo.com


Teachers in Europe

For now we are more teachers in Europe that comes together working for life and the planet. It is actions that counts now. We have different and comple-mentary background. From here we now start building a community. 

Information about this intensive learning circle

Time: 14-18 of March 2018

Place: Nordiska Folkhögskola, Kungälv, Sweden (www.http://nordiska.fhsk.se)

Price: 9500 SEK for 5 days working from 9 am to 9 pm. On Sunday we end at 4 pm. Total of 55 hours. Certification. 

Sign to: info@reconstructiveschool.se. Before 1st of March. No money refunds after this date.

More information: marie.fridolf@reconstructiveschool.se

Bed and breakfast: you can sleep at the place in a singleroom for 650 SEK included breakfast and in dubbleroom 850 SEK inkl. breakfast (425 SEK).



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