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Sorted food waste

We just received information from SEOM that they, starting February, no longer will empty sorted food waste from our outdoor solution. This mean we have to go back to throwing the sorted food waste in the recycling room next to the garage in M24-28 until we have a new solution.

Dog owners

Seems that we once again need to highlight that it's not ok to walk the dogs in the societies courtyards. We refer you to other green areas in the Silverdal surroundings. 

Fire risk

Christmas is a holiday with a high risk of fire. Please give your fire alarms new fresh batteries and make sure it works properly, for your and others safety.

Usage of washers and tumble driers

The board has received many complaints regarding the usage of washing machines and tumble driers after ten o'clock. We ask you all to follow the comfort rules and show extra respect for your neighbors after ten o'clock and before eight in the morning.

Last but not least

  • The monthly fee will be raised with 2% starting January, in line with the economic plan.
  • If you're missing a bike after the clean up this autumn, you're welcome to contact the board. The bikes will be stored with us for a few more weeks before we decide what to do with them.

The board wishes all members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Distributed by the board of the tennant association Silverdals kulle. 
If you have questions, email us: styrelsen@silverdalskulle.se

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